My Baby’s Daddy chapter 38 by NovelsYou

Chapter 38 

The little guy could only eat it on his own while Anastasia had also eaten a fair share of the ice cream. The man opposite them watched their interactions and couldn’t help but find the scene interesting.

He was suddenly extremely curious about the identity of the child’s father. What sort of man did this woman sleep with to give birth to this child?

At this moment, Elliot’s phone rang. He took the device out and gave it a glance before picking up the call. “Hello, Hayley.”

“Elliot, where are you? Can you have dinner with me tonight?”

“I’m at the company.”

“You don’t have to work overtime, right?”

“There’s something important I have to attend to.”

“B-But I want you with me.”

“I’ll call you after I’m done, alright?” Elliot coaxed her in his gentlest voice.

Anastasia immediately knew that it was Hayley. She looked up at the man opposite her and noticed his gentle expression as he coaxed Hayley just like a lover would. It looks like Hayley never lied after all.

It was true that she was someone important to Elliot.

“President Presgrave, is Hayley your girlfriend?” Anastasia’s gaze was sharp as she looked at the man in front of her.

“We’re just friends,” Elliot explained in a low voice.

“Mr. Handsome is single. He doesn’t have a girlfriend,” the little guy suddenly testified.

She turned to look at her son. “And how do you know?”

“He told me himself. He also said that as long as you’re willing to marry him, he’s willing to marry you too. Mommy, let’s not be picky, all right? Just get married!” The 4-year-old kid was worrying about his mother.

Anastasia was dumbfounded. Then, she narrowed her eyes as she shot a warning glare at the man opposite her. What did he tell Jared?

However, she was met with a complicated and meaningful gaze.

“You can consider the proposal,” Elliot added in a low voice.

She replied without hesitation, “I shall not.”

“I quite like Jared and I’m willing to take care of you both all my life.” He looked at the little guy and realized that the reluctance in his heart had disappeared without a trace.

He was genuinely willing to take care of them.

Anastasia had other ideas. She knew that the man had said those words without fully meaning it. He just wanted to repay the kindness and to compensate for the fact that her mother had sacrificed herself to save him.

And she wanted this man to remember how great her mother’s sacrifice was, and it wasn’t something that could be compensated with repaying kindness.

Moreover, she was still greatly bothered about the fact that this man had slept with Hayley before. She had only kissed him that night, but she was already disgusted about it after she knew about the relationship that Hayley and Elliot had. In that case, what were the chances of her marrying him?

None. Never

“I don’t need it, thanks,” Anastasia politely declined.

Elliot looked at her as well and their gazes met; one complex and messy while the other calm and clear.

After lunch, Anastasia hurriedly left with her son. The little guy didn’t forget to look back and bid the man goodbye. “Goodbye, Mr. Presgrave.”

“Goodbye.” Elliot waved at the little guy. Anastasia had taken the afternoon off, for she wanted to take her son on a visit to the museum in the city.

It was already evening by the time they had finished a round in the museum. Anastasia bought some groceries and returned to their apartment. Jared then went to play so that she could focus on preparing dinner. Then, a message notification rang on her phone at this time.

It was from Nigel. ‘I’m getting off the plane at 10.00AM tomorrow. Will you and Jared come and pick me up?’

Anastasia thought that she would be holed up at home with her son over the weekend anyway, so meeting Nigel sounded like a good idea. She sent her reply, ‘Sure! See you at the airport tomorrow.

‘Can’t wait to see you two.

‘You’ll see us when you come back tomorrow.

‘Wait for me, I’ll bring gifts.

Anastasia smiled as she replied, ‘It better not be the exorbitant ones or I won’t accept them.

She informed her son about it later that night. The little guy was also elated at the idea of meeting Nigel. After all, Nigel often came over to play with him when they were living abroad, just like a real uncle would.

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