My Baby’s Daddy chapter 39 by NovelsYou

Chapter 39 

In a private luxury villa halfway up the mountain, Elliot received a call from his grandmother. Since her beloved grandson was coming back, she asked Elliot to search for the time to pick him up tomorrow and they would have lunch at the Presgrave Residence right afier that.

Elliot agreed. Later, he asked his assistant to send Nigel’s flight information over and saw that he should pick Nigel up at 10.00AM tomorrow.

That weekend, Anastasia accompanied her son to have breakfast at a restaurant outside at 8:30AM. After checking the time, she went toward the direction of the airport at her own pace. Then, she decided to look for a cafe to pass the time in the airport

At 9:30AM, Anastasia accompanied her son to watch the planes take off by the large windows. Finally, at 9:50AM, she led her son toward the airport’s arrivals section, but it was already crowded with people waiting for their loved ones. Holding her son’s hand, she waited in the open space next to the arrivals.

The travelers finally emerged one after another. Amidst the crowd was a particularly dazzling figure who soon stepped forward. The man was wearing a blue shirt and casual jeans while a pair of sunglasses was perched on his thick hair. His facial features were handsome and charming, and he was surrounded by a superior aura. In fact, he was more eye-catching than celebrities.

“Mr. Nigel!” Jared ran over immediately while Anastasia also rushed over.

Nigel immediately pushed his trolley aside, then squatted down and hugged the little boy. “Hello, boy! Did you miss me?”

“Yes! Yes I did.” Jared nodded.

“I’ve missed you too.” After speaking, Nigel carried the little boy to place him on the trolley and steadily pushed the trolley toward Anastasia, who also smiled at him as she waited for him to come over.

At this moment, at the entrance of another passage, a handsome and mature figure quickly walked in with his assistant Rey. Elliot was late. However, he immediately saw Nigel at first glance and also saw that slender figure as well as the little boy sitting on the trolley at the same time.

Il turned out that Anastasia was also here.

Just when Elliot decided to head over, he saw Nigel tightly hugging Anastasia. Seeing that, he halted all of a sudden among the crowd 10 meters away. His pupils shrank while he continued looking at the pair who were in a tight embrace. At this time, his mind was filled with extremely complicated thoughts.

“President Presgrave, do we still go forward?” Rey asked.

Elliot looked at the pair still in their embrace indifferently, his handsome face a little ugly.

“It seems that he doesn’t need me to pick him up after all. Let’s go back!” Elliot didn’t wait for Rey to react before he turned to leave. The back of his figure seemed to emanate anger at this point.

Anastasia, who was suddenly hugged by Nigel, froze for a few seconds before she patted the man who was hugging her tightly. “Enough. You’ve squeezed me for too long and I’m almost out of breath.”

Nigel smiled. “I’ve missed you! How can you understand that without me hugging


“Okay, let’s go!” she said to him.

Thus, the group of three walked out of the airport. He didn’t let anyone from his family come to pick him up while she had taken a cab here, so they could only wait for a cab.

At this moment, a black car drove over and the driver inside was Elliot’s driver.

“Young Master Nigel, please get in the car.”

“Hey! Logan, why are you here?” Nigel asked in surprise.

“Young Master Elliot arranged for me to come,” Logan explained while getting out of the car, then hurriedly carried the luggage to place it in the trunk.

In the car behind, Elliot, who had not left, sat in Rey’s car while staring at the person in front of him. Elliot saw Nigel hug the little boy and kiss him before placing him in the back seat. Then, Anastasia entered the car while Nigel took the front passenger seat.

“President Presgrave, it seems that Young Master Nigel and Miss Tillman have a good relationship,” Rey commented.

“Return to Presgrave Residence,” Elliot ordered.

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