My Baby’s Daddy chapter 4 by NovelsYou

Chapter 4

At the QR International Group, a mysterious acquisition team was negotiating with the owner Jack in the conference room. The latter finally signed the acquisition contract at a price of 10 billion. As of yet, no one knew that the boss of QR International Group had been replaced. The middle-aged man who walked out of the acquisition meeting room took out his phone and reported to the man at the other end, saying, “Young Master Elliot, the acquisition has been successfully completed, and you have now become the president of QR International Jewelry Group.” “I got it,” the man on the other end responded lightly. In order to fulfill his promise to his grandmother of pursuing Anastasia, Elliot spent 10 billion to acquire the company she was working at. Only Anastasia could refuse the wedding proposal, so in the process, he had to show his grandmother what he had done. Still, it was unknown whether he could marry Anastasia in the end. Elliot hoped that Anastasia would reject him. After all, every good marriage needed to be based on a foundation of mutual emotional interest. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to live together without any love in the relationship. At this point, Anastasia didn’t know that her boss had changed. In the next few days, she found a private kindergarten for her son nearby and sent her son there so that she was free to work. The little boy was interested in the new school, so with a bag on his back, he took the teacher’s hand and skipped into the classroom. “Is that your son? He’s so handsome! I’ve never seen such a good-looking boy,” a mother commented in amazement. Anastasia pursed her lips and smiled; she was naturally happy as a mother when someone praised her son’s good looks. At Bourgeois, Anastasia came to work on her first day. As a designer sent by the design department, she enjoyed many perks. For example, she had a dedicated office and a capable assistant herself. Moreover, she only designed custom designs exclusively for a select few and not for the masses. This was also one of the unique selling points of QR International Group—each customer would have a unique lifetime customization service. Anastasia’s assistant was called Grace Ellis. She was a young, energetic, smart, and capable woman. “Anastasia, your coffee.” Grace brought in the coffee. “Thank you.” Anastasia nodded. In less than 2 minutes, Grace knocked on the door again. “Anastasia, the manager said that the meeting will be held at 3.00 PM, and the boss himself will be there, so be prepared.” At 3.00 PM sharp, Anastasia sat in her seat inside the meeting room. There were many important members of Bourgeois in the room, so it seemed that this was a large company meeting. While Anastasia was checking it out, she inadvertently met a pair of sharp eyes belonging to a s**y woman in her 20s. Her name tag read: Chief Designer Alice. Anastasia immediately understood. Being a designer sure is very competitive. Therefore, there were no so-called friends in this industry but only rivals in competition. Since she was transferred back from abroad, it was normal for her to be disliked by others. At this time, footsteps came from outside the door, as if there were still people coming. The door of the conference room was then pushed open, and the first person who came in was a tall man with a straight figure who was dressed in a well-cut suit. He had angular features and exuded a strong aura. After he came in, he walked over to the main chair and sat down. Without needing to say a word, his majestic aura made his powerful identity known to everyone. When everyone saw him, there was an instant silence below the stage. Why is the big boss different today? The female designers in the audience were all surprised and excited as they felt butterflies in their stomachs when they looked at the handsome man. As for Anastasia, she was also surprised. Isn’t the boss of Bourgeois someone in his early fifties? Why is this man so young? At this time, the vice president of the company, Larry Young, coughed lightly. “Let me introduce all of you to Mr. Elliot Presgrave. He is now the CEO and chairman of QR International Group. From now on, he will take over all the affairs of Bourgeois. Everyone, please give him a warm welcome.” There was a sudden collective gasp from the audience. Elliot Presgrave? He bought QR Jewelry Group? While others were gasping in shock and confusion, Anastasia instantly raised her head and stared at the man in question, who happened to be looking at her too. Elliot had a pair of extremely deep eyes that were as sharp as an eagle’s, so others did not even have the courage to look at him. However, Anastasia had the guts, and she had probably guessed why this man appeared here. Could it be that as long as I don’t accept the Presgrave Family’s repayment, they will continue to appear around me? Did I not make myself clear enough? “Let’s start the meeting! You will preside over the meeting,” Elliot retracted his gaze and said to Larry beside him. The women present were so excited that their gazes shone. The content of the meeting was not important at all, as they just stared at Elliot in fascination. This man truly exuded an unparalleled superiority from head to toe, and he was also extremely wealthy. Thus, he was the man that every woman in the country dreamed of marrying. Anastasia also didn’t listen to the content of the meeting because she was absent-minded. When she looked up from time to time, she found that the man was looking at her, which made her uncomfortable. Soon, all the people in the meeting discovered this. Why did Elliot only stare at Anastasia alone? Was it because she was young and beautiful? Instantly, all the women stared jealously at her. It seemed that Elliot’s special treatment of her made them angry. Anastasia really wanted to shout and stop Elliot from looking at her. Nevertheless, she still endured it. She just wanted to finish the meeting and leave, and she didn’t want to stay in this company anymore, but when she remembered she had just signed a 5-year contract, she was lost for words. After some time, the meeting was finally over. Anastasia was the first to rush out of the conference room. She returned to the office feeling agitated. At this moment, there was a knock on her office door. As soon as she turned around, Elliot pushed the door open and came in. Immediately, she glared at him, feeling annoyed at his presence. “Is there something you need, President Presgrave?” Anastasia sat down in her chair, seeming a little impatient, and did not give him the respect one should give their boss at all. Hearing that, Elliot pulled the chair across from her desk and sat down gracefully with an air of arrogance and superiority. Then, he said coldly in a magnetic voice, “Miss Tillman, let’s talk.” “Are we talking about work?” Anastasia asked with raised eyebrows. “You should know that I was kidnapped when I was five years old. It was your mother who gave her life to save me, and I survived. For this, the Presgrave Family is forever grateful and wants to repay you. Just say the word, and I will try to satisfy your requests.” Elliot looked at her calmly while expressing his thoughts. Sure enough, he is doing this just to repay my late mother. “No need. My mother saved you because it was her responsibility as an officer. You don’t need to repay me, and I won’t accept it.” Anastasia refused firmly. “I heard that you have a son. If you want, I can raise him with you and take care of him.” Elliot proposed with narrowed eyes. Anastasia suddenly raised her head to look at the man opposite her, and at this moment, a sudden thought flashed in her mind. Huh? She actually thought for a moment that her son looked like this man. Their facial features, eyes, temperament, and even their hair were similar. How weird. “I don’t need someone else to raise my son for me.” Anastasia refused again.

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