My Baby’s Daddy chapter 41 by NovelsYou

Chapter 41 

She had just arrived at the office when she saw the young man sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed before noticing the stunning bouquet of red roses on her desk. Seeing all that, she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Young Master Nigel, why are you here so early in the morning?” Anastasia asked helplessly.

“I’m here to see your working environment. This office is too small. Do you want me to ask my cousin to change it for you?” Nigel asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, I like it here a lot.” She didn’t want to enjoy any extra privileges.

“I’ll accompany you at work and we can have lunch together at noon.” He seemed extraordinarily free.

Anastasia smiled. “You don’t have to work?”

“Although I came back this time to take over the family business, I had already asked my dad for a two-week vacation.” Nigel’s lips curled into a smile.

During the period of his vacation, he didn’t want to go anywhere; he just wanted to stay by her side.

“Why don’t you wait for me at the café? You will affect my mood for wood.”

“What? Am I so handsome that you can’t concentrate?” Nigel narrowed his beautiful eyes. This man had all the right to be this confident.

Anastasia was amused by him and snorted. “Yes, that’s why.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you at my cousin’s office.” After speaking, he picked up the bunch of roses and handed it to her. “These are for you; do you like them?”

“Why are you giving me flowers?” She still reached out and took the flowers.

“If you like, I will send you a bunch of flowers every day in the future.”

“No, thank you.” Anastasia politely rejected him.

Hearing that, Nigel simply gazed deeply at her with affection. “See you at noon.” After speaking, he reluctantly left.

As soon as he left, an excited Grace knocked on the door and came in. “Anastasia, wow! He’s so handsome! Is he your boyfriend?”

Without raising her head, Anastasia tidied up her office. “He’s just a friend.”

“I don’t believe it. He’s clearly interested in you. Look at these roses.”

Anastasia was too lazy to explain, so she said to Grace, “Just get me a cup of coffee!”

At the president’s office, Elliot had arrived late today, but he had already decided to permanently work from here. Compared to the office at Presgrave Corporation, the working conditions here were not that great.

Before he entered the office, his female assistant informed him that a guest had arrived. He stepped into the office and stared at a slender, handsome figure without much surprise.

“Why are you here?” he asked lightly.

“Elliot, I’m here to pass the time. I’ll wait for Anastasia to get off work and invite her to lunch at noon.” Nigel didn’t hide his intention.

Elliot sat in his place and turned on the computer to manage his emails while a bored Nigel played games on his phone. The two cousins tacitly agreed not to disturb each


At this time, Elliot’s landline rang, so he reached out to answer the call. “Hello!”

“President Presgrave, do you wish to attend today’s departmental meeting?” Felicia’s voice sounded on the other end.

Elliot said that as long as it was a routine meeting of the design department, he had to be notified, so Felicia would ask him in advance every time.

“Yes. I’ll get off work in a while,” he responded.

Anastasia was also notified that she needed to attend the meeting. She gathered the meeting materials and went out. However, she had just turned a corner when she suddenly bumped into someone along the corridor. Fortunately, she quickly responded and came to a sudden stop inches away from a man’s chest.

Raising her head, she saw the man’s clean and dust-free shirt, then looked over at the man’s s**y collarbone, Adam’s apple, and perfect jawline…

Before she could finish her admiration of the man, he had passed her by and walked indifferently toward the meeting room. So, Anastasia could only follow his footsteps in awkwardness and walked to the meeting room as well.

As soon as the door opened, Elliot sat in his seat while her position today was next to him.

Noticing that, Alice looked at Anastasia with some jealousy. She felt that Anastasia was merely too lucky. Even though Anastasia had made a few mistakes, she still got to remain in the company with no other punishment either. Thus, Alice deeply suspected that Anastasia had a secret relationship with Elliot.

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