My Baby’s Daddy chapter 42 by NovelsYou

Chapter 42 

“The subject of today’s meeting is that each person will submit a market research report and regular design works at the end of this month. Anastasia and Alice should get ready to participate in the jewelry competition at the end of the month,” Felicia announced.

“Felicia, isn’t there a rule in the company that outsiders are not allowed to come in and out of the company at will? Why do Anastasia’s family members, friends and boyfriends get to come in? It’s not in line with the rules!” Alice immediately spoke up.

Felicia was also a little awkward at this. She looked at Anastasia and mentioned, “Anastasia, tell your boyfriend not to come to the company often. By sending flowers to the company, it will affect other employees in our company.”

Anastasia’s face was slightly hot when she heard that. Does everyone regard Nigel as my boyfriend?

Then, she felt a deep and probing gaze on her as well.

“That’s right! Seeing that bunch of roses makes me jealous! Anastasia, your boyfriend is so handsome. How could you dare to bring him to the company? Aren’t you afraid that someone will steal him away?” another female designer joked.

“Okay, I’ll talk to him.” Anastasia simply admitted that Nigel was her boyfriend since it would be more troublesome to explain otherwise anyway.

Elliot’s gaze became a little more complicated at that. Thinking of the time when Nigel and Anastasia had hugged each other at the airport, he remembered that the woman did not refuse the man’s advances either. Now, she was even openly admitting that Nigel was her boyfriend.

After the boring regular meeting was over, Elliot said with a sullen face, “Anastasia stays while the others may leave.”

Everyone in the room felt the surliness of the big boss, so they quickly rose and left for fear of being taken out upon by his anger.

Anastasia was also speechless. Why does he have such an ugly expression?

When the door of the meeting room was closed, he turned in his chair and an oppressive aura swept over her. Looking at her with cold eyes, he said, “You should be aware of my relationship with Nigel.”

She nodded. “I do. What’s wrong?”

Elliot’s face became uglier. “Remember that you owe me something?” He locked eyes with her deeply, exuding inexplicable danger.

Anastasia thought for a while, but couldn’t remember what she owed him, so she asked, “Do I owe you anything?”

“You’ve forgotten?” He flew into a rage all of a sudden because the woman had really forgotten.

“Give me a hint.” How could I have time to remember unimportant things?

The man stood up abruptly before clasping her wrist with his long arms. Pushing Anastasia’s waist against the table, he pressed down upon her with his body raging with hormones. As Anastasia instinctively leaned back, the man’s hand held the back of her head. Then, he pinched her chin and raised it coldly before his lips came to cover hers with a strong sense of fury.

And so, the kiss fell on the woman’s soft lips without any advance notice. It was domineering, rough, and full of aggression as if it was some kind of punishment.

Anastasia’s beautiful eyes widened in shock; she couldn’t believe that this man would do this to her in public.

His breath swept through her without her consent, causing her mind to go blank. As such, her first reaction was to be annoyed. She pushed him with all her strength and shouted, “Elliot, what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you ask me to remind you? This is what you owe me.” The man’s voice was hoarse, while his eyes were dark, and his words were full of mockery.

Taking a deep breath, Anastasia then lifted her hand and wiped her lips with disgust. When she thought that Hayley was in a relationship with this man, and that he had touched Hayley before kissing her, she felt extremely disgusted.

“Don’t kiss me!” Anastasia shouted angrily. “If you do this again, I will sue you.”

Elliot stared at her eyes; she was like a flaming rose. Her lips were incredibly soft, which made him unable to detach himself from her. It even reminded him of the touch of that night 5 years ago. In fact, it was indeed such a delicate feeling that made him go under. Why does this woman make me feel this way? She’s obviously a stranger.

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