My Baby’s Daddy chapter 43 by NovelsYou

Chapter 43 

An irritated Anastasia pushed open the door and left. This b*stard actually kissed me! How dare he?

Back in the office, she suddenly recalled the last time he was in the hospital. When he rescued her, she said she wanted to thank him, but he said she would owe him instead. So, was this kiss what she owed him?

Ugh. In the future, I can owe anything to anyone, but I can’t owe this man anything. It’s grave! He’s simply a beast.

Nigel had just finished playing a game when he saw his unhappy cousin walking in. “Elliot, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Elliot sat down on the chair in a bad mood.

“Elliot, Bourgeois’ office is so modest that it doesn’t match your identity at all. Why don’t you return to the Presgrave Corporation office?”

“What do you care?” Elliot snorted lightly.

Nigel stared blankly at him. Elliot, are you in a bad mood? Who messed with you?

“What’s your relationship with Anastasia?” Elliot asked him all of a sudden.

Joy immediately flashed in Nigel’s eyes. “Well.. You know! I like her, and I’m pursuing her!”

“Have you succeeded?” Elliot looked at the computer screen and asked again in a deep voice.

“It’ll be soon.” Nigel was extremely confident that he would definitely capture Anastasia’s heart when he launched a series of romantic attacks soon.

“Don’t send flowers to her in the company in the future; it will affect her work efficiency, and it will also make her colleagues have negative opinions of her,” Elliot commented

Nigel was secretly surprised; how did Elliot receive the news of him sending flowers so soon?

“Elliot, give me a hand! How about using your power as her boss to give her a

vacation and let me take her out to have fun? Or, if you arrange her office to be on the same floor as yours, it will be much more convenient for me to date her,” Nigel spoke with a naive smile.

“Impossible.” Elliot snorted coldly.

“You are the big boss! You have this power.” Nigel gritted his teeth and tried again.

Elliot raised his eyes icily. “You need to depend on your ability to pursue her; don’t expect me to help you.”

“You’re so mean.” Nigel huffed and continued to play his game. At this moment, a call came in and he answered, “Hello!”

“Young Master Nigel, are you booking a reservation at Cardi Restaurant?”

“Yes, Cardi.” Nigel confirmed and hung up the phone.

Elliot suddenly and unceremoniously drove him away. “If you want to play games, go to the lounge next door. Don’t disturb me at work.”

Nigel obediently rose to his full height and went to the next door.

Then, Elliot caressed his upper thin lip with slender fingers. The kiss in the meeting room earlier still lingered in his mind. Surprisingly, the soft touch made him very much wanting more.

At this moment, Rey knocked on the door and came in. “President Presgrave, where do you want to have lunch at noon?”

Elliot’s thin lips parted elegantly. “Cardi.”

“Very well. I’ll immediately reserve a place for you.” Rey withdrew from the room.

In Anastasia’s office, the woman was still annoyed because all of the ideas in her head had disappeared. All of this was caused by Elliot’s sudden kiss in the meeting room. When she thought that this man had kissed Hayley before, she felt uncomfortable in her heart. In the future, this kind of thing must never happen again.

At noon in the Cardi Restaurant, Anastasia and Nigel sat by the window. She was so hungry that she picked up the menu and started ordering thereafter. At this moment, the waiter ushered in another two guests.

She glanced curiously at them, and instantly, her beautiful eyes widened at the sight

of the figures of Elliot and his assistant Rey coming over.

How could it be so coincidental?

Looking in the direction that she was looking, Nigel was also surprised. Then, Rey politely greeted him, “Young Master Nigel, good afternoon.”

“You… Why are you guys eating here too? Would you like to join us?” Nigel immediately rose to his full height and walked toward Elliot and Rey.

“No need. We have work to discuss.” Elliot refused and walked to his reserved table, but he chose to sit where he could face Anastasia’s way.

Nigel was also busy trying to please his love interest, so he immediately returned to his seat. As for Anastasia, she stared at the menu while cursing her bad luck in her heart. How unfortunate it is that I keep bumping into Elliot everywhere!

Raising her head, she abruptly glanced past Nigel and her gaze fell on the man at the table opposite holding a cup of tea.

Meeting those bottomless eyes, the light in Anastasia’s eyes turned cold. Thinking about what this man had done to her in the meeting earlier, she was even madder.

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