My Baby’s Daddy chapter 45 by NovelsYou

Chapter 45 

The man’s eyes were cold and stern as a warning flashed across his eyes. “Anastasia, I won’t allow you to play with Nigel’s feelings. If you don’t care about him, don’t lie to him.”

When his slightly smoky breath blew on her face, Anastasia turned away in disgust before she retorted, “I am not playing with his feelings. We are friends.”

“If you just want to be friends with him, don’t flirt with him.”

“Why do you care?” She glared at him at once, wondering why he should meddle in her business.

Elliot gritted his teeth and his tone was cold as he responded, “I do care.”

“It’s my business; what do you care?”

“You can play with other men’s hearts, but not Nigel.”

“When did you see me playing with his heart? Don’t speak nonsense without evidence.”

“Just now. I saw with both eyes.” Elliot snorted coldly. He wasn’t blind, and he had seen her flirting with Nigel earlier with his own eyes.

Anastasia was speechless. After all, she thought that it was just how she and Nigel got along even though they were really just friends.

“Let go of me…” Anastasia then realized that she was being trapped in such a tiny corner by this man, and his breath was thick.

“Only if you promise to keep your distance from him.” The man’s gaze was full of warning

As she stood in front of this man, Anastasia was filled with repulsion. She didn’t feel like complying and preferred to make him angry instead.

“I don’t need you to intervene in my affairs with him.” Anastasia raised her eyebrows and spoke stubbornly.

“Do you want to marry him?” Elliot asked with a dark look.

“Yes, I’ll marry him. What’s wrong with that?” Anastasia sneered. After all, marrying Nigel was fine too.

Staring at her coldly, Elliot felt that this stubborn but beautiful face in front of him was really messing with his emotions. In fact, he was annoyed that he didn’t know what to do with her.

When Anastasia met his gaze, she was stunned too. What is this man going to do?

But no matter what, if the man dared to touch her, she would scream.

The man’s eyes fell on her eyebrows and moved down to her eyes, her nose, and then to her extremely soft red lips. As a matter of fact, he knew how soft it was from his experience.

After only staring for a few seconds, his gaze instantly darkened and became dangerous

When Anastasia realized what the man wanted to do, he had already pinched her chin domineeringly, and his thin lips were already upon hers.

As her mind went blank, Anastasia cursed inwardly about how persistent this man was. However, this man’s kiss had an inexplicable kind of power that made her whole body go numb like it was being electrocuted. His kiss was full of possessiveness, and it was so domineering that it was unbearable for her. In addition, this was the smoking area of the restaurant, and anyone would come over at any time. Thus, the nervousness Anastasia felt also made her feel disoriented.

This man is really perverted.

She pushed him hard with her hands, but her strength was taken away by him. The more she pushed him, the harder he kissed her and entangled his tongue with hers.

As they kissed, his big hand restlessly tightened around her waist-it was as if the kiss had awakened the instinctive reaction of any man…

At that moment, Anastasia suddenly came to her senses. Anxiously, she caught his tongue and bit it hard.

The man let go of her in pain while his misty eyes stared at her angrily. Then, she hurriedly ran away from him and out of the place. There was still a sweet smell of his blood lingering in her mouth when she returned to the main dining area. After taking a deep breath, she returned to the table where Nigel was sitting as if nothing had happened. Then, she picked up the glass and drank all the water in one go.

He’s just too much! Just too much! Elliot, this b*stard, is a terrible pervert.

“Why is your face so red, Anastasia? Are you running a fever?” Nigel asked worriedly.

“I’m okay. I-I still have work in the afternoon, Nigel. I’ll head back to the company first.” Anastasia had no appetite at all.

“So soon? In that case, I’ll see you off.” Nigel got up immediately, and when he got to the counter, he called out, “Send the bill to the Presgrave Group.”

“Okay, Young Master Nigel,” answered the manager immediately.

After a while, Elliot returned to his seat. Looking at the empty seats at the other table, his gaze was unfathomable.

“President Presgrave, Young Master Nigel and Miss Tillman have already paid the bill and left.”

“Okay,” Elliot responded.

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