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Chapter 456 Five Million Sports Car

Elliot’s gaze naturally stayed on the stage. As Anastasia looked on, she was hit by a rage that appeared out of nowhere and she began to angrily scratch the back of the man’s hand with her nails.

He turned to look at her with a smile, but she didn’t even look at him as she pretended like nothing was going on.

She had already put her soul into pinching him a second time whereas he could only quietly accept his fate. What a cruel woman! he thought. She can look at other men, but I am not allowed to look at other women?

There was a faint smile playing by the corners of her eyes and mouth, but the man’s hand under the table already had additional scratch marks on the back of it.

She was punishing him with a nonchalant, unsuspecting face.

The next programme after the performance was the lucky draw for the second prize worth 30 thousand.

Then came the first prize and the special prize.

Larry, who was on the stage, couldn’t help his excitement as he announced, “Most of you might not be aware of this, but tonight’s grand prize is a sports car worth five million!”

As soon as these words came out, the audience immediately fell into a commotion as they gasped aloud, “A sports car worth 5 million?!” Wow! Does this make the winner wealthy overnight? What a motivating prize this is. President Presgrave sure is a generous boss!

Anastasia was also stunned to hear Larry’s words. She quickly turned to look at Elliot for answers, but all she could see was a face that revealed nothing for now.

She soon started hearing several voices talking behind her.

“Golly! It would be great if I was the winner!”

“Yeah! It is a sports car worth five million! I don’t even need the car. Just give me the 5 million!”

Despite not being an employee of Bourgeois, Hayley was excited like the rest of them were. How she hoped at this moment that she worked for the company so that she stood a chance to win the car.

May had started clenching her fists out of hopes that she was the winner.

Aliona was the only one who glared at Anastasia with envious eyes that seemed to know what was going on.

The next performance that lasted until 8.30 PM was also an entertaining one before it was followed by the lucky draw for first prize. There would be three winners who would take home 128,800 in cash.

Anastasia could feel how overjoyed the three winners were when they went on stage to get their prizes. There was another performance after that, but everyone was nervous now that they were nearing the time for the announcement of the grand prize winner.

Anastasia had released Elliot’s hand at this point to pray that she would be the lucky winner. The atmosphere thick with excitement was making her anticipate winning the grand prize.

The elated Larry finally took the stage again before he humorously joked, “It is time to draw the name of the winner for the grand prize. I do wish that it was me. I haven’t won anything, after all!”

The crowd laughed out loud after hearing his words. Now that he was done lifting the tension in the air, he pointed to the screen behind him and announced, “Everyone, please look at the screen and see if it is your name that will be appearing in just a moment.”

“Let’s start counting down now! 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…”

By the time Larry was done with the countdown, a name had appeared on the screen.

It was none other than Anastasia Tillman.

Seeing these two words immediately set the crowd off into an envious frenzy.

Even the winner herself was surprised as she stared at her name on the screen.

“Miss Anastasia Tillman, please come up to the stage,” Larry called for her from the stage.

Then, the woman in question started taking unsteady steps up the stage. She had been hidden within the dark crowd from earlier, but now that her beautiful face was directly under the spotlight for everyone to see, there were only more jealous eyes looking at her.

Even Elliot was so stunned by her beauty that he couldn’t help but think how much she would fit into a girl group.

“I would like to do a short interview with you, Miss Anastasia Tillman. Is your heart aflutter now?”

“I’m alright,” Anastasia calmly replied as she had realized something now.

It seemed like the car was intended as a gift for her from the start and the person who wanted to give it to her had planned to do it through this lucky draw session.

If her guess was not wrong, Elliot was the one who bought her the car.

“Geez! You are too calm, Anastasia. If it was me, I would immediately start dancing to a song on stage!” Larry jokingly gushed.

Hearing that, Anastasia couldn’t help but let out a giggle, which also made a certain man below the stage smile.

Larry kept on teasing her, “How about you sing us a song, Anastasia? Or you could dance for us!”

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