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Chapter 457 No Need to Thank Me

Anastasia quickly waved as she rejected Larry’s suggestion, “Don’t even think about it. I can’t sing at all, and I am even worse at dancing.”

Larry’s eyes were on her before he added with a sigh, “It is true what people say about how a gorgeous car is for a gorgeous woman. Aren’t you too beautiful to be true, Miss Anastasia?”

“You are also a very handsome man, Vice-president Young,” she smoothly gave him a compliment.

The man immediately broke out in cold sweat when he heard the words. “Oh, no! President Presgrave has got to be the most handsome one here tonight.”

He then turned to Elliot and with a laugh, he asked, “President Presgrave, would you like to come up and say a few words to the audience?”

Elliot waved to show that he wasn’t going to do it. Anastasia came back to her seat after she took her prize, and she threw a helpless glance at Elliot, only for the man to look everywhere but her.

“Happy times always go by fast. We are nearing the end of our annual celebration, but before that, we have prepared a cocktail party for everyone to have a good time.” After saying that, Larry left the stage for the next programme to commence.

As soon as the lights in the hall were turned on, the attendees began moving to another hall for wine tasting. Elliot’s phone began to ring at the same time, so he took his phone and left his seat.

Felicia, who had an envious gaze, came over to greet Anastasia. “Just look at how much effort President Presgrave has put into making you happy!” She sighed.

Anastasia only smiled in silent agreement. Elliot did go out of his way to keep her happy.

Felicia then continued, “Do you know that Aliona is here?”

Anastasia was caught by surprise when she heard that. She looked around the hall, and seemed to have remembered something as she turned to Felicia again. “You will have to excuse me for a moment, Felicia.”

Aliona must have taken the chance when Elliot went off to pick up his call to have an alone moment with him.

As Anastasia went into the hallway that Elliot had gone to, she saw Aliona speaking as she stood beside Elliot at the end of the hallway.

Anastasia only picked up her words when she got closer to them.

“Please forgive me, Elliot. I was drunk the other day. I only made such a mistake because I was out of it,” the woman explained regretfully.

“Miss Dora.” Elliot’s cold voice rang out as he stated, “I don’t mind letting this matter go, but I don’t wish to see you. Please be on your way.”

“I’m sorry, Elliot. Can you please forgive me just this one time for my father’s sake?” She then held up her hand, and with a pitiful expression on, she swore, “I promise I won’t ever do something like that anymore.”

Anastasia felt like now was the right time for her to step in.

She pretended like she was looking for someone, and she came running to Elliot when her eyes landed on him. “There you are, Elliot. Vice-president Young was looking for you.”

After saying that, she laced her arm through Elliot’s before acting as though she had just noticed Aliona’s presence. “You are here too, Miss Dora?”

Having squeezed out all the tears she could muster earlier, Aliona quickly turned her face away from Anastasia.

However, Anastasia didn’t seem to want to bother herself with Aliona as she proceeded to tug on Elliot’s arm. “Let’s go,” she urged. “Let’s return to the banquet hall.”

Seeing this, Aliona immediately threw a glare at the other woman. She knew that Anastasia had interrupted her apology on purpose.

“I didn’t think you would still have the nerve to see Elliot again, Miss Dora. You are surprisingly thick-skinned!” Anastasia added in a ridiculing tone.

“Anastasia Tillman! You—”

Anastasia cut her off before she could even begin her sentence. “You should thank me for stopping you from causing trouble you can’t be responsible for.”

“How dare you?” Aliona’s face had turned white.

Anastasia smirked in response. “Forget it! There is no need to thank me.”

Elliot’s eyes fell on Anastasia then, and unlike the cold gaze he had on just moments ago, he was now looking at Anastasia with loving eyes.

You want me to thank you? Aliona thought incredulously. I hate you so much I could kill you! My plan would have worked if it wasn’t for you!

She managed to keep those words in as she only said in a calm voice, “Miss Tillman, I have something to say to Elliot. Please give us some privacy.”

“Oh—you will have to forgive me, then. I, too, have something important to talk to Elliot about. I will be bringing him with me.” Anastasia snaked her arm around his as she spoke. “Let’s go!”

The man took it another step further by wrapping his arm around her waist, thereafter humming in response.

After saying that, the two of them started to leave, and all Aliona could do was watch on as her plan to apologize got ruined once more.

You are a dead woman, Anastasia! I will make sure you pay for this!

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