My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 458 by NovelsYou

Chapter 457 Too Small a Room

Aliona’s nails were digging into her flesh, the resentment in her eyes threatening to overflow.

Anastasia had only rescued Elliot out of Aliona’s clutches out of the kindness of her heart, but before they even got back to the banquet hall, Elliot suddenly dragged her along to an empty private room before he closed the door behind him.

She only looked at him with a confused expression on her face, and she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t you say you have something important to tell me? I’m all ears.” He looked excited as he leaned his back against the door.

She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the man fake ignorance.

With her eyebrows raised, Anastasia exclaimed, “I threw out that nonsense to save you! Why would I have anything important to talk to you about?”

Elliot’s eyes seemed to dim as he stared at her looking all sensual and seductive in her black evening gown. Annastasia naturally had an alluring quality to her.

“I will do the talking then,” he breathed.

Seeing him slowly approaching her, she raised her hands to push him back. “Just talk, then. There is no need for you to get so close.”

The corners of his lips raised ever so slightly as he leaned in.

He was so close that she had no choice but to arch her neck. Her nostrils were filled with his unique manly scent then.

“That’s close enough!” She blinked a few times. “Just say it. I can hear you.”

“You look gorgeous tonight.”

“I know,” she replied in a humorous yet coquettish tone.

Elliot’s breathing started to quicken. “Do you have any idea what I have been thinking about the whole night?”

How would I know?! she quietly exclaimed before the man held her delicate face in one hand, while the other forced her chin up. He then growled in a low and raspy voice, “I have been thinking about kissing you.”

His thin lips completely sealed hers off the next second.

Anastasia didn’t push him away this time. The man had thoroughly captivated her tonight. From the way that he carefully planned the lucky draw session, to him colding rejecting Aliona’s advances only showing this special side of his to Anastasia alone, she didn’t think there would be a woman out there who wouldn’t feel touched by it.

Aliona stayed in the hallway without returning to the banquet hall. Now that she had felt Elliot’s indifference, it seemed impossible for her to restore her image and be with him.

Her only choice now was to follow Riley’s plan to kidnap Elliot, and have the latter killed after she gave birth to their child.

There was no way she would let Anastasia get off easy as well, as she was the reason Aliona had to go through all the humiliation she did.

At the same time in the banquet hall, Hayley was waiting for a chance to strike. As soon as the lights came back on, she hid herself in the bathroom as she told May to notify her as soon as Elliot had left the hall by himself.

Even though May didn’t know why Hayley wanted her to do this, she still obediently did as she was told.

The couple who was making out in the private room was starting to lose control as they sucked on and nibbled each other’s lips and tongue. When Anastasia realized that Elliot wanted to do more to her, she had to forcibly push him away.

“Enough, Elliot,” she gasped, feeling a little annoyed.

He incessantly made light bites on her thin lips, and he finally glanced at the sofa in the room and said, “The room is too small. I can’t even unleash my full potential here.”

Anastasia was utterly speechless at that as she thought, What an overthinker!

After coming out of the room, she went to the banquet hall to find Felicia, whereas Elliot sat in the room to rest while he waited for Anastasia to be done with her business.

Unbeknownst to the couple, May was hiding behind a pillar when Anastasia left the room. She couldn’t help but feel envious as she watched Anastasia brush out the wrinkles on her gown. May had a feeling that Elliot and Anastasia must have been up to no good after staying alone in the private room for more than 10 minutes.

She immediately whipped out her phone and sent a message to Hayley, asking her to go to Room No. 8, where Elliot was in alone.

Anastasia wanted to ask Felicia something when she returned to the banquet hall, but when the former couldn’t find her, and seeing as to it was time to go back to pick up her son, she turned back to the direction of the private room.

Hayley, who was still hiding in the bathroom, came out excitedly holding her phone after she received the message from May.

Anastasia saw a figure disappearing into a corner as soon as she stepped out of the door of the banquet hall. She couldn’t help being surprised by seeing who she thought was Hayley.

She immediately followed after Hayley with hasty steps. As she hid behind a door, she saw that Hayley and May were together whispering about something.

Anastasia quietly sneered at the sight. She still remembered vividly how May was the one who helped Hayley hide her phone the last time her son went missing.

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