My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 459 by NovelsYou

Chapter 459 We Did It Again and Again

Hayley turned to May as the former asked in a low voice, “Are you sure he is in there?”

“I have been keeping my eye on him.” May nodded. “I am sure he is in there.”

“Good. You can leave now. I will go to him myself.”

May lifted her head right at this moment, and she was so surprised she turned pale when she saw that Anastasia, who had left just a while ago, had returned.

Furthermore, she was standing behind Hayley like a ghost.

Hayley must have noticed the odd expression on May’s face, only for her to be caught by surprise when she turned her head to look in the same direction. Anastasia had her arms crossed in front of her body as she coldly stared at them with her beautiful pair of eyes.

“A-Anastasia, why are you here?” May stuttered.

Anastasia was sure that Hayley had come to beg Elliot for forgiveness. If possible, Anastasia really didn’t want to give Hayley the opportunity to do so.

“Anastasia, you had better not stick your nose into my business!” Hayley warned her.

Instead of answering her, Anastasia turned to ask May, “Hayley was the one who ordered you to steal my phone, right?”

Not expecting Anastasia to notice what had happened so long ago, May’s face fell as she quickly looked at Hayley in panic.

Hayley, however, immediately drew a line between herself and May. “Have I instructed you to do anything, May?”

“Then let me tell you the truth, May. Hayley was kicked out by President Presgrave himself for plotting the murder of the Presgrave Family. Are you still going to protect her despite knowing this now?” Anastasia revealed Hayley’s true colors without mercy.

May wasn’t blind nor stupid to not have noticed how Hayley was hiding from people tonight. This probably meant that whatever relationship she had with Elliot had ended for some time now.

She swiftly pointed an accusatory finger at Hayley and exclaimed, “Yes! Hayley was the one who ordered me to do it. Anastasia, everything I did was under her instructions!”

“How dare you, May?” Hayley glared at the woman.

May then immediately went and stood beside Anastasia. “Please forgive me, Anastasia!” she pleaded. “Hayley was the one who threatened me and got me to do it. I didn’t know that she had planned to kidnap your son with someone else.”

Anastasia was still extremely angry when she thought about how frightening that night was for her. Her cold eyes only swept across to throw May a cold glance as she hissed, “Resign on your own accord!”

May was stunned at first, but she quickly realized that this was the most forgiving solution Anastasia was giving her.

“Alright. I will hand in my resignation letter tomorrow.”

Upon hearing that, Hayley mocked, “You are putting up a front like you are the lady boss of Bourgeois even though you aren’t! Anastasia, you don’t have the right to fire employees as you please!”

Anastasia raised her eyebrows slightly. “My affairs are none of your concern.”

“You—” Hayley choked, not able to finish her sentence. She hated how bossy Anastasia was acting.

May took the chance to scurry off. Instead of holding a grudge for getting fired, she was grateful to Anastasia, the future owner of the company, for not holding her accountable.

As soon as May left, Hayley gritted her teeth and she angrily spat, “Anastasia, do you think you have the right to act so arrogant if it wasn’t because you have Elliot providing you his support?”

Anastasia only stared at her disapprovingly. “What are you doing here?” she asked, to which Hayley scoffed. “Why does what I plan to do have anything to do with you?”

Anastasia was hit by an unexplainable feeling of hatred as she gazed at the woman in front of her.

Hayley, on the other hand, was resentful about the fact that her chance to meet Elliot privately in the room had been ruined by Anastasia.

Knowing exactly where Anastasia’s sore spot was, Hayley started walking toward her, and she came to a halt when they were about a meter apart. She then stared at Anastasia as she said with no shame, “There is something that will never change, Anastasia. It is for a fact that Elliot and I had shared a passionate night together. We were holding onto each other so tight when we exchanged heated kisses. His sweat dripped on my body like it was warm honey. I still remember how insatiable he was that we had to do it again and again.”

Anastasia’s face began to tense up, and she felt as if something was stuck in her chest and making her feel uncomfortable.

“I will never forget that night for the rest of my life!” Hayley added with her eyes narrowed as a nostalgic expression appeared on her face.

“What’s there to show off?” Anastasia sneered.

Hayley’s lips curled into a smile when she saw that she was getting a reaction out of Anastasia. “It is not like you are an innocent woman to Elliot. He will forever remember how you slept with the man a few years ago. Besides, don’t you know that Elliot doesn’t touch ‘dirty’ women?”

“Shut the hell up!” Anastasia’s expression was getting increasingly thunderous at that point.

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