My Baby’s Daddy chapter 46 by NovelsYou

Chapter 46 

Anastasia refused to let Nigel send her up when they arrived at the company, so he could only send her to the door. He felt a little puzzled as he watched her hurry in.

How did the meal end so abruptly like that? He still had so many things to say to her!

Anastasia covered her face when she returned to her office, for her mind was full of what had happened in the restaurant just now. It was too much to be taken advantage of twice in the same day by that man.

Meanwhile, in a luxury villa, Hayley hadn’t been able to eat or sleep well recently-it was all because Anastasia had been haunting her like a nightmare.

She had dreamed several times that Elliot got angry and told her to get out. No matter how she pleaded, Elliot hated her so much that he abandoned her without a thought. These dreams would wake her up every time, and her entire body would be drenched in cold sweat. Anastasia’s presence seemed to be a boulder on her chest, and if she didn’t get rid of her, she would live forever in these nightmares.

“I won’t let you ruin my plans, Anastasia.” Hayley bit her lip and clenched her fists fiercely. As she thought about it, a vicious light flashed in her eyes. If she wanted to kill Anastasia, the best people to use were the mother and daughter of the Tillman Family. She knew that Erica hated Anastasia deeply because of their family assets, and Hayley felt that she could just take advantage of this.

Didn’t Anastasia love her child very much? In that case, she would let that child suffer a little!

The thought of Elliot’s blood flowing in that boy made her mad with jealousy. Thus, her resentment and hatred were all focused on the child.

Soon, Hayley called Erica and began her malicious plan.

“Hey, Hayley.”

“What are you doing, Erica? Has Anastasia returned the 8 million real estate yet?”

“She can’t even wait to take everything from my dad now! Will she even return it?” Erica gritted her teeth.

“Well, you can’t let her be-you have to teach her a lesson. Otherwise, she will think that you and your mother are doormats.”

“Of course, I have to teach her a lesson. When I find an opportunity, 1–”

“Erica, what opportunities exactly are you looking for? I know Anastasia is not easy to harm, but doesn’t she have a three-year-old son? If you make this kid suffer a little, she will feel a hundred times more distressed than if you harm her.”

Erica immediately replied, “What do you really mean by that?”

“Just think of a way to bring this child back to your house and pretend to take him out to have some fun. Children are usually naughty at that age, so it’s normal to lose him by accident. You’ll be able to watch Anastasia go mad with worry by then.”

Erica was fuming at the moment, so when she heard Hayley’s suggestion, her eyes lit up. “Yes! Why didn’t I think of it? If Anastasia goes crazy and dies of anger, I’ll be even happier.”

Hayley knew Erica very well; the latter’s mind had always been simple and easily influenced.

“Erica, you can’t let her take away your father’s assets under any circumstances. Now, she wants 8 million worth of real estate. Next year, she will want a car worth one million, or she’ll take the opportunity to ask for your father’s company. By that time, it’ll be too late. You must let her know how powerful you are first.” Hayley added fuel to the fire and made things sound even worse.

Sure enough, the family assets were what Erica cared about most. Thus, the more she listened, the more panicked she became. “Yes, I have to frighten her first. Otherwise, she will think that we are easy targets for her to bully.”

Seeing that Erica had successfully taken the bait, Hayley breathed a sigh of relief and waited for Erica to act on it. Moreover, Erica had to take Anastasia’s phone away on that day—once the child was lost, he would not be able to contact her. If a child trafficker saw the child and abducted him away, Anastasia would surely live in grief for the rest of her life.

Most importantly, this child of Elliot’s would also disappear forever.

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