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Chapter 47 

As Hayley thought about it viciously, she realized that she now had to bribe someone from Bourgeois to help her as well as find the opportunity to take Anastasia’s phone away.

In the meantime, Anastasia was busy with work. After all, the announcement date of the jewelry competition’s results was approaching, and she was looking forward to it. If she could win the prize, she would have a bonus of one million in her account. For her son’s future, she had become a shrewd and calculative woman to the point where she had to earn every coin she could.

She wanted to save a lot of money for her son so that she would not have to worry about his school fees and his wedding expenses. Although her son was still young, she had already made several long-term plans.

“Anastasia, there is a shop tour this Friday night. You should make time for it!” Felicia came over to inform her.

“Friday night? What time does it start?”

“It starts at 6.00PM. You need to write a report which will be entered into the award assessment for the second half of the year.” Felicia reminded her.

Since the half-year award was a considerable sum of money, Anastasia thought to herself that she had to win it too.

“Okay, I’ll be there on time.” Anastasia nodded. After all, the loss of the attendance award last time was regretful enough for her.


Since the day after tomorrow was Friday, Anastasia felt that she had no choice but to trouble her father and let him come over to take care of her son.

In the cafe next to Bourgeois, Hayley had invited May Potter, a female designer, out. When May saw that it was Hayley Seymour-also known as President Presgrave’s girlfriend—who had asked her out for coffee, she was excited and happy.

“Do you really want to order a set of jewelry from me, Miss Seymour?”

“Yeah! I admire your talent very much, so I’ve decided to order a set of jewelry designed by you.” Hayley pretended to be haughty. “Also, I want you to do something for me.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“You should be very clear about the rivalry between me and Anastasia. I want you to watch her for me and report her affairs to me at any time.” Hayley held the cup of coffee elegantly while pretending to be a high-class lady.

Since May was a newcomer, she was eager to get ahead in Bourgeois. A good opportunity had been presented in front of her, so how could she not seize it? Besides, she was also jealous of Anastasia’s excellent resources and hated her design talent even more.

“Miss Seymour, I hate Anastasia as much as you do. She thinks she doesn’t need to take others seriously just because she has good looks. In addition, I’m annoyed by the fact that she’s always trying to seduce President Presgrave.”

Hayley snorted coldly. Has Anastasia always seduced Elliot in the company?

“Thank you for sticking up for me, May. I feel utterly infuriated by her. As long as you help me, I will place five million worth of jewelry orders with you.”

Five million? May suppressed her surprise and happiness. She would have almost 200,000 in commission fees alone! God! I am going to get rich.

“I will keep an eye on Anastasia for you, Miss Seymour. If she dares to seduce President Presgrave, I will tell you as soon as possible.” May expressed her loyalty and obedience to Hayley.

Upon sensing May’s toadyism, Hayley nodded. “Very well, I won’t treat you badly if you help me out.”

May was determined to curry favor with Hayley, so she would become Hayley’s eyes to monitor Anastasia in the company.

Today, it was just another day with a regular departmental meeting. When Anastasia entered the conference room, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when she saw that Elliot’s seat was empty. After all, she didn’t like seeing Elliot very much now.

However, at this moment, steady footsteps came from the door of the conference room, and a domineering figure soon entered. His powerful aura immediately felt oppressive on everyone present as Elliot walked in against the light like a god descending

Upon seeing him, Anastasia was lost for words.

Does he have nothing better to do? It’s just a regular department meeting, so why does he need to come every time?

Apart from Anastasia, all the female designers here welcomed Elliot, but the first person he looked at every time he sat down was always Anastasia. Thus, the women present all looked at her with jealousy, and May was no exception. Now that she was helping Hayley, she was extra observant about everything Anastasia said and did.

On the other hand, Anastasia was twirling her pen in a bored manner. As the pen spun, it suddenly fell out between her fingers and rolled directly in front of Elliot.

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