My Baby’s Daddy chapter 48 by NovelsYou

Chapter 48 

After being stunned for a few seconds, Anastasia then raised her head to meet a pair of unhappy eyes; Elliot was narrowing his eyes and glancing at her icily. He took her pen and placed it in front of him without any intention of returning it.

Since Anastasia still had to note things down with that pen, she stood up in embarrassment as her face blushed. Then, she went over and forcibly took the pen back.

Elliot glanced at her, but he didn’t speak nor show any signs of displeasure.

Upon seeing this, Felicia coughed awkwardly. “Okay, okay, let’s continue the meeting and not do other things.”

While her face turned even redder, Anastasia felt that bad things always seemed to happen with Elliot around.

“Anastasia, you and May will be grouped together for this Friday’s event.” Felicia began to place the designers into teams.

May immediately pretended to be happy. “Let’s work well together, Anastasia.”

The woman nodded and smiled at May. After Felicia divided everyone into teams, she began to analyze the design works and the market. Elliot didn’t say a word, but he listened to everything. However, his gaze fell on Anastasia from time to time, and he kept staring at her for several minutes at a time as if he was distracted by her. This made the woman feel uncomfortable, for the man’s eyes were like glue as they stuck themselves to her without moving away.

Finally, the meeting was over. Anastasia couldn’t wait to pack up and leave, but Elliot suddenly said coldly, “Anastasia, I need you to stay back for a while.”

Anastasia’s feet that were about to move stopped in place. She turned to look at the indifferent man and asked, “Is there something you need, President Presgrave?”

The man didn’t speak. Other designers wanted to listen in on their conversation, but they were all oppressed by Elliot’s sweeping glance. Hence, they trembled and hurriedly left

Meanwhile, Alice and May looked like they were about to die of jealousy. Anastasia was an exception in the company and was treated favorably everywhere. It was as though Elliot was here in this company for her alone, and he didn’t pay attention to

what the other employees did.

When the door of the conference room closed, Anastasia started to get angry. She stopped pretending and slammed the table angrily. “What the hell are you trying to do, Elliot?”

“I want to take you back to see my grandma next Monday.” Elliot spoke suddenly, his eyes calm.

Anastasia was shocked. He wants to take me to see the old madam of the Presgrave Family? Her first thought was immediate rejection.

“I refuse. I don’t want to have anything to do with your Presgrave Family” Anastasia refused bluntly.

“Is that so? Then you are not allowed to meet with Nigel, and you are not allowed to flirt with him.” Elliot’s gaze was burning as he forced it on her.

Anastasia looked at him speechlessly. “He is my friend.”

“He is also a member of our Presgrave Family, Anastasia. Aren’t you very determined to avoid us?” Elliot sneered.

Anastasia sighed and said with some annoyance, “President Presgrave, you have a lot of things to manage every day. You should go back to your Presgrave Group to work! How can such a small company like this accommodate a big boss like you?”

“I don’t need you to care about where I work,” Elliot snorted.

“No, you have negatively affected my work.” Anastasia gritted her teeth.

“Even if you don’t want to, you will meet my grandma on Monday.” Elliot’s tone was final.

Anastasia looked at him furiously. “No, I won’t,”

After she finished speaking, she pushed open the door and went out. The man’s face behind her was dark and filled with rage.

When Anastasia returned to the office, May was waiting for her. She said fawningly, “Anastasia, I heard that the report of this shop tour will be considered for the half year award, so we must not be sloppy with it!”

“Yeah, it will be my first time writing such a report. Let’s do our best to complete it!”

Anastasia said to her.

May blinked and showed an adoring smile. “Anastasia, you are the only one who got sent back from the headquarters by our company. You must be very good, so I will follow you in the future.”

Anastasia curled her lips into a smile. She was indeed confident in her design talent, but she was not so involved in the company’s other paperwork.

“Okay, let’s get to work!” Anastasia simply regarded May’s flattery as something any rookie would do; little did she know that May was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Due to the project, Anastasia could only make an appointment with her father in advance. She made a phone call to Francis, who was naturally overjoyed when he heard that he would be taking care of his grandson.

“Okay, I have the time. You can carry on with your busy work. I will take Jared to eat some delicious food.”

After arranging her son’s affairs, Anastasia felt more at ease. Later on, she received a call from Nigel. He was at the entrance of her company and wanted to take her and her son to a lavish dinner in the evening.

Anastasia didn’t refuse either because she didn’t have any friends here. Thus, it was great to have a friend like Nigel around.

At this moment, Elliot was processing emails in the office. Rey, who had just sent some documents in from outside, smiled and said, “I just saw Young Master Nigel’s car, President Presgrave.”

“Where is he?” Elliot narrowed his eyes.


“He’s downstairs. I think he’s waiting for someone, and it’s probably Miss Tillman.”

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