My Baby’s Daddy chapter 49 by NovelsYou

Chapter 49 

After Rey finished speaking, he immediately tried to cover his mouth. He knew that Elliot didn’t want to hear this.

Upon hearing this, Elliot snorted coldly. Nigel really has nothing to do all day long; he’s focusing all his efforts on pursuing women.

As he narrowed his eyes, he reached out to dial the internal line.

“Hello, who is it?” Anastasia’s sweet voice came from the other side.

“I warned you not to get too close to my cousin. Are you not taking it seriously?” Elliot said coldly.

“Why are you such a busybody, Elliot? You are the boss of the company, but after work, you are nobody to me,” Anastasia retorted mulishly.

Elliot’s face darkened at once. This woman really had the ability to be irritating.

“If you dare to play with his heart—”

“We’re just hanging out as friends. It’s none of your business.” Anastasia hung up the phone as soon as she finished speaking.

Elliot’s face turned even gloomier. This woman is really uncouth. Why would Grandma want me to marry such a woman?

After work, Anastasia was the first to rush out of the door of the office as she charged downstairs. Nigel’s off-road vehicle was parked at the front door, and it was particularly eye-catching.

Soon, Anastasia got into the passenger seat of the car before she said to him, “Let’s go pick Jared up!”

Nigel looked at the woman, who was still in her work uniform, and his fascination with her flashed across his eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in a uniform.”

Anastasia felt delighted in her heart. “I like to hear comments like this.”

When they picked up the little boy at school, he was very happy. He sat in the safety seat specially prepared for him in the back, and he even sang a song he had just

learned aloud.

“Mom and Dad are going to work… and I’m going to school. I mustn’t cry or make trouble, but be good and greet my teacher good morning…”

His bright and loud voice sounded happy as he sang. Anastasia clapped along to the tempo, which encouraged Jared to sing even louder. In fact, he sang it several times. Even Nigel hummed along, and there was a happy atmosphere in the whole car.

At the high-end restaurant, Nigel ordered a big meal. As he looked at the little boy’s handsome face, his wish to become the father of this child heightened in his heart. Although Jared was not his own child, he would definitely love Jared as if the boy was his biological son.

Soon, his gaze fell on the woman opposite him. As long as she agreed, he would immediately marry her and give them both a safe and secure place to call home.

They walked around in the mall after dinner, and the little boy got a few more gifts. With that being said, Anastasia really disagreed with Nigel’s way of showing affection for her son. Fortunately, her son was not the kind of child who would be addicted to getting gifts.

At 9.30PM, Nigel’s car was parked in front of Anastasia’s apartment. He felt distressed when he heard that it was rented to her by the company. Thus, it seemed that it was time for him to show his ability. He decided to give her a large apartment unit in the city center tomorrow so that they could live in the safest community.

“Come and give me a kiss before you go.” Nigel hugged the little boy, who kissed his cheek at once. Then, Nigel looked at the woman next to him and wanted her to kiss him too, but he didn’t have the courage to ask. At this point, he didn’t dare to show his intentions too much for fear of scaring her away.

Anastasia waved goodbye as she held her son before heading back to her apartment. However, Nigel did not leave for a long time. As soon as Jared returned to the apartment, he asked the burning question that he had been thinking about all this time. “Mommy, do you think Uncle Nigel is a nice man?”

“Yes, he is!”

“Do you like him?”

“I like him.” Anastasia neatly packed the toys away in the house while answering her son’s question.

“In that case, do you want to marry him?” the little boy asked again.

Anastasia’s hands froze while packing the toys. She couldn’t help but look back at her son as she smiled. “Jared, I only think of him as a friend!”

The little boy didn’t quite understand the feelings between adults, though. Can’t they be together if they like each other?

“Mommy, I think Uncle Nigel likes you very much.”

A hint of helplessness flashed in Anastasia’s heart. She could also feel that Nigel clearly had some romantic interest in her, but she felt that she was not worthy of him -he deserved a better woman.

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