My Baby’s Daddy chapter 51 by NovelsYou

Chapter 51
Anastasia had just finished drawing a design draft in the office, and her hands were a little sore. Just as she was rubbing her shoulders, the door to her office swung open before Nigel’s figure suddenly appeared.
“Why are you here, Nigel?” Anastasia was still very happy to see him.
“I have a gift for you.” After Nigel finished speaking, he closed the door of the office before putting the flowers and the gift box on her desk. “Look! Guess what it is?”
Anastasia looked at the big characters of ‘Cloud Residence No. 1’ printed on the box. After feeling startled for a few seconds, she recalled that this was the name of the top real estate in the city center.
“It’s not expensive—it’s just a unit of more than 200 square meters. I initially wanted to buy a duplex on the top floor, but I thought that it would be too big and empty looking since only the two of you would be living there. Thus, I had to pick a smaller unit,” Nigel said helplessly, thinking that he could have given her a better unit.
** Anastasia was at a loss for words. Sure enough, those with money can do whatever they
want! He can even cherry pick units from such high-end real estate. For an office worker like me, I can’t even afford the bathroom of that unit even with a year’s worth of salary.
“Nigel, we are friends. I won’t accept any gifts from you other than your friendship.” Anastasia spoke seriously.
“You saved my life; do you know how much my life is worth?” Nigel retorted immediately.
“Your life is priceless, and it’s not measurable by money.” Anastasia smiled and shook her head. “Saving you is also a way of accumulating good karma for myself.”
“No. My life is yours, and my things are yours too. You must accept this house,” Nigel said stubbornly.
Anastasia felt speechless again. “You have helped me and my son a lot over the years. If you are going to send gifts like this one again, then I won’t dare to befriend you in the future. Besides, my dad has already bought me an apartment unit, and I can move in next month.”
“That will definitely not be as comfortable as Cloud Residence No. 1,” Nigel said anxiously.
“I really don’t need this house. Anyway, I have a meeting soon, so please go back!” After Anastasia finished speaking, she picked up her notebook and went outside.
Nigel immediately thought of another way as he bit his thin lips. He took the gift box and went to the president’s office where Elliot was dealing with some work in his hands at that time. Glancing at the uninvited guest, he looked back down at his work.
“Do me a favor, Elliot!”
“Go on.”
“Well, I bought a house at Cloud Residence No. 1 for Anastasia. Can you give it to her in the name of the company? For example, you can say this is a year-end bonus for her.”
Elliot’s hand that was signing the documents paused. Then, he said curtly, “No.”
“Why? I wanted to give it to her just now, but she rejected it. I don’t know what else to do!” Nigel leaned on the desk and spoke helplessly.
“If she doesn’t accept it, it means that she’s not interested in you.” Elliot scoffed. He had also offered a house in this property and was rejected by Anastasia.
“That’s not it! Anastasia likes me very much; I have the ultimate confidence in this,” Nigel said to himself.
Elliot frowned and said mockingly, “Don’t be too confident.”
“Don’t mock me, Elliot! I’m definitely going to marry Anastasia. Whether it’s three years, five years, or ten years, I’ll wait for her as long as she doesn’t marry another man.” Nigel looked like he was determined to make the woman his wife.
“Then do you know which man her child belongs to?” Elliot asked coldly all of a sudden.

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