My Baby’s Daddy chapter 52 by NovelsYou

Chapter 52
Nigel’s handsome face looked shocked, for this was the only thing Anastasia didn’t tell him. He had also tried hinting at her many times, but she just didn’t want to let him know.
“Do you know who it is, Elliot?” Nigel asked, a little curious that Elliot was also interested in this kind of employee gossip.
“The last time her sister came to the company to make trouble, she announced that Anastasia was the mistress of a man five years ago. She even sold her body in the club to make money.”
Nigel suddenly widened his bright eyes as he listened to the sudden new information in disbelief. He immediately retorted, “Impossible! Anastasia is not that kind of person, and she would never do such a thing.”
“How much exactly do you know about her?” Elliot looked at his cousin, hoping that he wouldn’t bother with Anastasia anymore.
Nigel didn’t want to think more about it. He said firmly, “I don’t care what her past was like. I just want to spend my future with her, and I don’t want to know who her child’s father is. Anyway, I’m willing to accompany her to raise the child together and treat him as if he’s my own.”
Elliot really underestimated his cousin’s determination to pursue this woman. He gritted his teeth and snorted, “What’s so good about her?”
Nigel curled his lips and smiled. “Anastasia has a unique kind of beauty. Sometimes, she’s as bright as fire, sometimes as elegant as a rose. No matter which side of her, I am deeply fascinated by this woman.”
In Elliot’s heart, he only had three adjectives to evaluate Anastasia: unreasonable, barbaric and uncouth.
“Elliot, will you help me out?” Nigel couldn’t help sitting on Elliot’s desk as he looked at him pleadingly.
“No,” Elliot replied very coldly.
“You’re really terrible. Do you still think of me as family?” Nigel pouted.
Elliot decided to ignore him, and Nigel eventually left in unhappiness. He decided to
continue persuading Anastasia until she accepted the gift, so he returned to her office. After a while, she came back. Upon seeing that he was still there, she had no choice but to say, “Nigel, I really cannot accept your gift. Go back!”
“I won’t leave if you don’t accept it,” Nigel replied mulishly.
Anastasia then laughed and said, “You know this doesn’t work on me.”
Nigel immediately shook his head and answered unhappily, “Anastasia, can’t you become a little more materialistic? That way, I can buy you with money.”
Anastasia burst out laughing. “I’m very much interested in money, but I only like the money I make.”
At this moment, Nigel’s phone rang. He picked it up and took a look before saying into the phone seriously, “Hello, Dad.”
“Come over to the company, Nigel. I have something to hand to you.”
“Okay, I’ll come over now.” Nigel’s vacation was coming to an end, and from tomorrow onward, he had to go back to work at the company obediently.
“I’ll go back to meet my dad first. Call me if you need anything-I’ll be there whenever you need me.” Nigel looked at Anastasia affectionately.
· Anastasia deliberately pretended not to see it and simply said to him, “Go! Don’t
make your father wait.”
After Nigel left, Anastasia sighed slightly. At this moment, May called and said, “Anastasia, we are almost ready to get off work.”
“Yeah! Okay,” Anastasia responded.
After that, May hid in an empty corridor and called Hayley, who told her to do something on the other end of the phone. She told May to ensure that Anastasia’s phone was left in the office no matter what, and not to let Anastasia take it away with her.
May agreed immediately. Although she didn’t know why Hayley had asked her to do this, she only needed to be obedient.
Soon, May arrived at Anastasia’s office and saw that she was sorting some documents while her bag was on the sofa. As she deliberately sat next to Anastasia’s bag, she then: said to the woman who was packing the documents, “Anastasia, have you completed
your designs that are supposed to be submitted at the end of the month? I still have several left to do! I am so worried about them!” While complaining, she deliberately adjusted her posture. With Anastasia’s line of sight obstructed, she reached out and grabbed the woman’s phone in her bag and stuffed it down the sofa.

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