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Chapter 53
Anastasia didn’t notice what May had done at all. After she put the documents in the cabinet, she glanced at the time and said to the woman, “Okay, we should go too. There are three stores to be inspected tonight, so we’re a bit rushed for time.”
“Okay, let’s go!” May immediately took the initiative to hold the bag. “I’ll hold your bag for you, Anastasia.”.
As soon as Anastasia went out, she still took over her bag. “I’ll hold it myself!”
May immediately returned it to her, and the two went downstairs. Since they both had no cars, they could only travel by cab.
Unfortunately, it was just in time for the cab shift, and no cabs were stopping for them. Anastasia was getting frustrated just then before a Rolls-Royce Phantom suddenly drove over. The window rolled down, revealing a handsome man in a black suit who was sitting elegantly in the driver’s seat. He looked domineering, mysterious, and particularly charming.
May was stunned at the sight. Is this President Presgrave’s car?
“Get in the car. I’ll take you both there,” Elliot said with unprecedented kindness.
Anastasia replied politely, “There’s no need for that, thank you.”
However, Elliot had no intention of leaving at all. His deep eyes locked on Anastasia’s stubborn face, and then he repeated a second time, “Get in the car.”
May couldn’t wait to sit in Elliot’s car. If she could just take advantage of Anastasia’s luck and ride in it once, she would be the luckiest girl on earth.
“Anastasia, we can’t get a cab right now. We’re going to be late, so let’s take President Presgrave’s car!” After speaking, May took the initiative to open the passenger’s door and pulled Anastasia into the car.
Anastasia was naturally not very happy about it, but since Elliot insisted on sending them to the destination and May had already opened the car door, she said to May, “You sit in the front.”
After that, she opened the back door and sat in the back seat.
Upon hearing that, May was going crazy with joy. She was fortunate enough to sit in
the front passenger seat with Elliot. After she sat in, she didn’t even dare to even breathe. Her whole body was tense, and she was so nervous the whole time.
As for Anastasia, she was sitting in the back seat. As soon as she raised her head, she met the man’s deep eyes from the rearview mirror. She quickly looked out the window as the car slowly drove away, heading for the commercial street they were going to.
“How do you know that we are going there, President Presgrave?” May asked in surprise.
“I’ve read the information,” Elliot replied.
Half an hour later, Elliot’s car parked in front of a store in a commercial street. May got out of the car uncertainly, while Anastasia said quickly to the man in the driver’s seat, “Thank you.”
Following that, Elliot watched them walk into the Bourgeois store. He parked his car at a nearby location, but he didn’t leave. Instead, he got out of the car and walked toward the store.
At the store, Anastasia introduced herself to the store manager, and was immediately assigned to a reception room. At this moment, a man stepped into the entrance. He was dressed in a straight suit, which set off a superior and mysterious temperament. Under the lighting, he exuded a kingly aura.
“President Presgrave.” The manager was taken aback when she saw that the big boss had suddenly come without warning. It caught her off guard and she panicked.
Is there something wrong with this store?
“Where are Anastasia Tillman and the others?”
“Oh! Miss Tillman is in the reception room, and I’ve given her the customers’ information.” After that, the manager hurried over to usher Elliot into the reception room.
Anastasia was looking at the information of recent customers and the sales records of the store’s most popular items when the door suddenly opened and a slender and handsome figure walked in.
May’s eyes widened at the sight at once. Why is President Presgrave here?
Meanwhile, Anastasia was only surprised but not happy at all. This man is following me
everywhere persistently!
“Carry on with your work,” Elliot said in a low voice as he sat down beside them.

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