My Baby’s Daddy chapter 54 by NovelsYou

Chapter 54
Anastasia was speechless. Is this man supervising my work? Forget it, I’d better finish the job! After all, I must get this year-end bonus.
At this moment, Francis had brought Erica to pick up Jared and they were having dinner in a restaurant.
Erica looked at Jared under the lighting and felt jealousy surging in her heart. With which man did Anastasia give birth to this child? When he grew up, he would look astoundingly handsome. If this little boy married a rich girl in the future, Anastasia would not be short of money.
“Dad, let’s take Jared to the nearby playground after dinner! It’s fun there,” Erica suggested.
Since Francis was an old man, he was naturally not as good at having fun as young people. Nonetheless, he also wanted to take the little boy to the playground. “Okay, we’ll take Jared to the playground later.” He nodded.
“Eat more, Jared.” Francis looked at his grandson with doting eyes.
Upon seeing that, Erica secretly felt resentful. Sure enough, Anastasia’s best weapon to win her father’s heart was this little boy devil. Francis had always wanted a boy, but Naomi couldn’t give birth to any more children. Now that Anastasia had given birth to a boy, Francis was overwhelmed with delight.
Thus, Erica was sure that Anastasia deliberately gave birth to a son and came back to rob her of the family assets!
The more she looked at this boy, the more disgusted she became. She wished that he would be kidnapped by some bad guys immediately, and that he would never appear in her house ever again in this life.
After they were finally done eating, they drove away and tried to find parking near the playground. Since the available parking space was far away, Francis was afraid that they had to walk a long way, so he asked them to get off at the entrance of the playground first.
This happened to fit Erica’s evil plan, so she hurriedly said to the little boy, “Come on, Jared. We’ll get off here first. Your grandfather has to park some distance away!”
“Be a good boy and go with your aunt first, Jared,” Francis said gently to the little boy.
Jared nodded obediently before following Erica out of the car. As Erica watched her father’s car leave, she sneered in her heart, and a vicious light flashed in her eyes. She stared coldly at the little boy beside her, feeling as much hate for him as she had for Anastasia.
“There are some delicious snacks over there. Let’s go buy some first!” Erica wasn’t going to take him into the playground because there would be staff who would look after his safety. On the contrary, she wanted to take him to the busy streets where no one would care about him.
The little boy had no choice but to follow her. When Erica saw the chaotic crowd, she said to Jared, “Wait for me here and don’t go running around! I’ll go buy some fruit.”
“Okay!” The little boy nodded.
“Do you have a smartwatch?”
“No.” The little boy shook his head.
At once, Erica was secretly delighted. If such a young child got lost, it would be terribly difficult to find him. Moreover, there were many people here—there could even be child traffickers lurking around. Thus, Erica left the little boy and went off.
10 minutes later, Erica went straight back to the entrance of the playground to wait for her father.
Jared waited in the same place for a long time, but he did not see Erica come back. As soon as he looked up, he saw a huge crowd of people all around him. He was still a small child, and he couldn’t tell where he was at all. As he blinked his big eyes, there was a bad premonition in his heart as he felt that he had gotten lost. In fact, he didn’t even know where to find his grandfather.
Nevertheless, he didn’t panic or cry. He simply walked into a store and said to the clerk inside, “Excuse me, I’m lost and I can’t find my family. May I borrow your phone to call my mommy?”
“Are you lost, little boy? Okay, here you go.” The clerk immediately gave him the phone.
Jared dialed his mother’s number and it rang on the other side, but no one answered. He made two calls in a row, yet no one picked up. Apart from his mother’s number, he didn’t have anyone else’s number.
“Did you mommy answer the phone, little boy?”
Jared shook his head, so the clerk said to him, “Well, you can wait a while before calling again. Don’t worry, I’m a good person. I’ll take care of you.”
The little boy nodded immediately and decided to call again later…
As for Francis, he hurried to the entrance of the playground after he parked the car, but as soon as he arrived, he saw his daughter Erica coming over while sobbing. She said to him sadly, “Dad, something bad happened—I’ve lost Jared! I took him to buy some ice-cream, but he ran off and I couldn’t find him…”

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