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Chapter 55
“What?” Francis was terrified. He turned his head and looked around. People came and went all around him, but his grandson was nowhere to be found..
“Jared! Where did you lose Jared?” Francis shouted angrily. In just a few minutes, Erica had lost his grandson! Moreover, the boy was only three-years-old!
“I’m sorry, Dad! He was too naughty, and he ran off to play. I didn’t manage to keep an eye on him!” Erica immediately began to sob and blamed it all on Jared.
Francis hurriedly called the police before calling Anastasia, but even though he got through, Anastasia didn’t answer the phone. He then yelled at Erica anxiously, “Go find him! How dare you still stand here and cry?”
Erica was startled for a moment; she had never seen her father fly into a rage like this and was really scared. She wanted to go to the place where she left Jared to see if the child was still there, but she would not tell her father the exact location. Thus, she pretended to find the boy separately. When she returned to the place just now and found that Jared was no longer there, she felt relieved. Anastasia, your son is finally lost. You will never find this child in your life again. This child is no longer a weapon for you to rob my family’s property. When Erica thought of this, her heart burst with ecstasy.
Meanwhile, Francis immediately contacted the customer service of Bourgeois. After he explained the situation, the service staff immediately called Felicia. When Felicia heard the news, she quickly recalled that May and Anastasia were together, so she quickly called May.
Anastasia was checking the information and making a detailed record of it. May was sitting next to her when she heard the phone ringing, so she picked it up and saw that it was from Felicia. Hence, she quickly connected the call and said, “Hello, Felicia.”
“Is Anastasia with you?”
“Yes, she’s beside me.”
“Let her answer the phone.”
May handed the phone to Anastasia. “Felicia is asking for you.”
Anastasia reached out and took the phone. “Hello, Felicia.”
“Anastasia, I just received a call from the service desk. Your dad called while saying
that your son got lost and asked you to contact him quickly.”
The documents in Anastasia’s hands slipped and fell to the ground when she heard the news. Her face went pale as she said shakily, “What? My son got lost?”
The man who was reading the news on his phone beside them raised his handsome face suddenly, and his pupils constricted upon seeing Anastasia’s frightened face.
Then, Anastasia picked up May’s phone and said, “Lend me your phone, May.”
After speaking, she dialed her father’s number with trembling fingers.
“Hey!” Francis’ frantic voice was on the other end. “Is this Anastasia?”
“Dad, where did Jared go missing? Where are you?” Anastasia was so worried that she broke out in cold sweat.
“Near the playground. Erica and I decided to bring him here, but he suddenly went missing. Anastasia… I’m sorry… I…” Francis was so anxious at the end that he choked up and almost burst into tears.
Losing a child was a serious matter!
When Anastasia heard that Erica was there too, she instantly understood that it was not her father who lost her son, but Erica who had used some means to cause her son to go missing.
“Anastasia, does Jared remember your number? Why didn’t you pick up your phone?”
Anastasia immediately opened her bag, but there was no phone in it. She was completely baffled. Where is my phone? Where did it go?
She clearly remembered it lying in her bag, and her son remembered her phone number too. Hence, she believed that her son was smart enough to find someone and try to call her.
“Dad, I’ll go back to the company and look for my phone. Don’t worry! Jared will be fine. If you find him, call this phone number. I’ll go back to the company first.”
After Anastasia finished speaking, she begged Elliot who was sitting on the sofa and said, “President Presgrave, will you take me back to the company? I’m in a hurry.”
“Let’s go!” Of course, Elliot knew that she was in a hurry. After all, her son was lost.
Thus, Anastasia picked up her bag and followed Elliot out quickly. As for May, she sar on the sofa and secretly wiped the sweat from her brow. So, was this why Hayley had asked her to remove Anastasia’s phone?
Has Anastasia lost her son?

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