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Chapter 56
Although Anastasia remained calm and rational, she didn’t feel optimistic. She sat in the passenger seat in Elliot’s car as they drove toward the company immediately.
Anastasia was so anxious that tears brimmed in her eyes. She held onto May’s phone, hoping that her father would have good news for her soon.
“Your son looks very smart, so he will be fine.” While comforting her, Elliot weaved past the other cars deftly, and the black car rushed all the way to the Bourgeois Building
When the car came to the entrance, Anastasia pushed open the front passenger’s door and hurried toward the steps, but because she was in a hurry, she tripped and fell. Upon hitting her left leg on the sharp corner of the steps, she felt pain shooting through her leg and it hurt so badly she couldn’t stand up for a while.
At this moment, a strong arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her up. Elliot wanted to check her injury, but she limped away from him and continued to run up the steps.
Then, Anastasia knocked on the entrance door anxiously. The security guard on duty inside recognized her and hurriedly opened the door for her, but he was even more surprised that Elliot was right behind her.
After that, Anastasia walked all the way to the elevator. As she pressed the elevator button, she was trembling nervously while blood oozed from her knee.
Elliot glanced coldly at her. When the elevator arrived, Anastasia rushed in, and he also stepped forward with long legs.
“Jared will be fine. Jared will be fine. Although he is young, he is very smart… No, my son will not be in trouble.” Anastasia was about to lose her mind and her body was about to collapse; she couldn’t help but murmur to herself as if trying to comfort herself.
In the depths of Elliot’s eyes, there was a hint of distress that he himself didn’t even realize. Soon, the elevator stopped at the design department floor. Then, Anastasia rushed out and went straight to her office. She dialed her own number with May’s phone and heard her phone ringing from the corner of the sofa.
After digging into the sofa, Anastasia took out her phone with trembling hands. As she opened it up, she noticed 16 missed calls. Except for her father’s contact, there
was an unknown number who had called multiple times. She held her breath and hurriedly called the number back.
Soon, the other end answered. “Hello?”
“Hello, did a child call this number with your phone?”
“Yes, are you the mother of the child?”
“I am. Is my son by your side?”.
“Yes, I had him wait for you in my store. Don’t worry, he’s fine and I’ll watch over him.” The female voice on the other end sounded very young but kind.
The boulder weighing down on Anastasia’s chest was finally lifted, and at this moment, her son’s tender voice came to her ear.
“I’m fine, Mommy. Don’t worry.”
“Jared… My baby…” Anastasia’s emotions were in turmoil at this moment, and her tears slipped down her cheeks. “My baby! Thank God! I’m going to pick you up right
“Don’t cry, Mommy. I’m fine.” The little boy comforted her from the other end.
The girl answered the phone again and said, “Miss, I’ll send you the location of our store. Please come over quickly!”
“Okay, thank you! I’ll come right over.” Anastasia hung up the phone. All of a sudden, she felt dizzy. Now that her tense nerves suddenly relaxed, blood rushed to her head and caused a bout of dizziness.
She instinctively reached out and grabbed something nearby. What she happened to grab was a man’s arm, and she held on to it tightly to prevent herself from falling.
The next second, another arm wound itself around her waist, and her whole body was pulled toward a firm chest. However, she didn’t struggle because she needed to rely on him urgently and waited for the dizziness to subside.
As he lowered his head, Elliot looked at the woman who was breathing heavily in his arms. Her face was pale with a rare look of weakness. It was very different from her usual look, and at this moment, she looked like she badly needed someone to protect

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