My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 561

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 561

After that, I kept thinking that if I hadn’t said those hurtful words, Sybil wouldn’t have gotten drunk in the first place. Perhaps then, the incident would never have happened. Perhaps she would never have committed suicide.

I started to think of myself as a sinner, a b*****d who didn’t deserve to even pursue my dreams. I was sure I wasn’t worthy of love, of any form of warmth from other people.

I eventually got expelled from school because I hit Shane. With Sybil gone, I couldn’t play the guitar anymore, and the Thorn Birds disbanded soon after.

I spent my days drinking and fighting, until I was considered by the neighborhood as a good-for-nothing thug.

It was during this time that I came across the Moran brothers.

They were moving as a group, and I recognized one of them as the man who had made the deal with my father. Another familiar face caught my attention—the person who had been in the minibus parked at the resort that day.

It didn’t take me long to learn their names. The man who had been in the minibus was called Doug Moran, and his younger brother was named Dixon.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I started a brawl with them. This was how I managed to infiltrate their ranks and became one of them. Or so I let them think.

To be fair, they never fully opened up to me. I was a new member, after all, and they were always wary. They never divulged the details of their transactions to me, but it was obvious that their business was illegal.

When winter rolled around, I noticed the members of the gang were acting all mysterious and edgy, and I knew that they were plotting something big.

I decided to treat some of them to some drinks. We went to the bar, and soon, their lips started to loosen up. I obtained all the information I needed.

I always felt that we were merely foot soldiers, and that a bigger power was calling the shots.

It was snowing heavily on the day of the deal, and we went out to eat at a restaurant.

According to the information I’d gathered, they were going to exchange goods in the same restaurant we were in. Doug wasn’t present, though, which was rather unusual.

I had my fill of drink and chatted with the other gang members, but my senses were tuned in to my surroundings.

We were halfway through the meal when a group of police officers suddenly rushed into the establishment.

A scuffle ensued, with Dixon escaping through the back door.

I didn’t care about anything else at the time and immediately gave chase.

I lunged at Dixon and tackled him to the snow, pinning him down despite his struggles. It wasn’t easy. We grappled with each other until he somehow got his hands on a brick and proceeded to pound my head with it. I tightened my hold on him as I started to bleed.

Blood trickled down my eyelids, blurring my vision. Through the red haze, I spotted Doug from the other end of the valley. He was sprinting toward US, no doubt intending to save his brother.

Fortunately, the police burst out of the back door before he could reach US. Knowing that he was out of options, Doug turned around and fled.

Before he did, however, he shot me a murderous look, silently telling me that he was getting retribution for this. In the end, the officers took over Dixon just as I blacked out.

I woke up in a strange room, with two men in uniform looming over me at the side of the bed.

They greeted me with relieved smiles.

“Did you catch him?” I croaked.

I had been wanting to bring these traffickers to justice for a long time. I had thought of little else since the day my father—my family—was destroyed by these damned drugs.

One of the men nodded.

“We have apprehended Dixon, but Doug is still on the run. We have issued a warrant for his arrest, so there’s no need to worry. He will be caught soon enough.”

“Good job, young man,” said the other guy.

I looked at him for a second, then my eyes drifted down to his majestic military uniform.

I marveled at the way these clothes commanded respect, how they guaranteed integrity and safety.

The man must have seen through my musings, because his smile deepened. He patted his chest.

“Do you want to wear the same uniform?”

“I do,” I answered without a second thought.

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