My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 562

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 562

For an entire year, I went off the grid.

During this period of my life, I received the most grueling top secret undercover training.

Within just a year, I was no longer the inexperienced frivolous young man I once was.

And when I got back, I didn’t tell anyone where I had been. All my old friends told me that I had changed; that I’d become mature and composed.

I was only twenty-two years old. Back then, it was clear to me that after my training, I changed from inside out. All my values, dreams, and ambitions had changed dramatically.

I started my own business from the ground up, and it developed rapidly. For that, I became known as some sort of a dark horse in everyone’s eyes.

In our line of work, shady deals would sometimes happen among businessmen. Nobody was wary of me because I was just as evil as any of them.

The business world was my comfort zone, and the identity of a businessman was the perfect cover for me. Pretty soon, my father realized that I had a knack for business and he began to take pride in me.

Our family’s stone quarry had been changed into Flash Village. And by then, my father delved into the tourism industry.

My life seemed to be going smooth, but in reality, it had completely changed.

I had hurt so many people, especially Sybil. I had helped her by taking care of her sister and her family, but that meant nothing, she died so young, and she’d never come back to us again. I could never repay what I owed her for the rest of my life.

Aside from that, 1 felt sorry for Eveline. I was obliged to repay the debt owed to her father. Such was the life of a dutiful son. I wondered what I must do.

From then on, I decided to spend the rest of my natural life trying to pay for the sins of my father and my own. To atone for those sins, I swore that I would ensure that other people’s families would be happy.

This path was a dangerous one, and it was lonely at that. But even so, I didn’t care.

On the day I met Eveline again, it was raining.

I drove past the medical school and saw her leaving the campus.

It turned out that she had gone to college. How time flies! Just like when she was younger, she would put her schoolbag on top of her head to protect herself from the rain. Then, she would walk on tiptoe, taking each step carefully, afraid that her white sneakers would get wet.

On this day, she was wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. Her long, fine hair was tied into a ponytail.

She was still youthful as ever. I must admit that seeing her again was wonderful.

However, this kind of youthful moment seemed so out of reach to me.

All of a sudden, it rained heavily. I reached for the umbrella beside me before opening the door.

Just as I was about to get out of the car, I hesitated once more.

Whether it was in the past or now, I never had the right to approach her.

As I watched her run across the rain with her schoolbag, I smiled bitterly. In the end, I closed the door and gently put the umbrella down.

Afterwards, I lit a cigarette, but didn’t start the car yet. I waited until Eveline disappeared into the rain. 2

Even when I had gotten home and parked my car, the rain continued to fall.

After getting out of the car, I stood in the rain with one hand in my pocket. I looked up into the skies and let the rain fall onto my face.

Merely seeing Eveline by chance today had brought some semblance of emotion into my quiet heart. It was a lot like how I felt when I saw her on the basketball court in the past.

It seemed that I was not calm enough in any situation. I probably needed more training.

I didn’t go into the house until both my hair and shirt were dripping wet.

After taking a shower, I stood in front of the mirror, naked and staring at my reflection. I watched as driblets of water ran down my chest.

During my time in training, I endured high-intensity physical exercises every single day, so my muscles were densely packed and powerful. I was no longer the frail young man I used to be. Additionally, I also took systematic psychological training, which taught me to be levelheaded at all times.

Doing business was also a profound subject. I learned how to be a rigorous businessman, and a pretty cunning one at that.

Now, I lived the life of a rich playboy, but I never spoke of love to any woman. Because of my special identity, I was doomed to suffer the fate of having no right to talk about love.

Above all else, I had to perform well as a businessman and complete my mission; all while wearing a mask of perfection.

And as for Eveline, although fate had owed her in the past, I believed that she’d eventually gain happiness.

We had taken very different paths, and thus I believed that we’d never see each other again.

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