My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 563

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 563

Chapter 563 A Businessman

Over the next few years, I became very busy. I refused to stay idle. For whenever I was idle, I would end up thinking about things other than the mission. I kept on repeating the training exercises, all the while, I was gradually expanding Dere International.

People thought that I was an ambitious businessman. And I took pride in being one. To me, being an ambitious businessman was a responsibility.

Over the course of the past few years, I had become a bona fide businessman. I would often talk about how to make money, and what kind of methods I could use to expand my business operations. Even when I was making friends, I kept a business-centric mindset. And as I dealt with other sophisticated businessmen, I hadn’t realized that I had become just like them.

At dinner parties, I would drink and chat with them. We would charm one another through witty banters and humorous quips. Each one of US wore a mask of hypocrisy, and nobody was truly opening their hearts to anyone else.

Oftentimes, I would come home exhausted and I would fall asleep the second I lay down.

The next day, I would put on a suit and my perfect mask before going out, just like every other businessman tended to do.

When I reached the age of thirty, many women approached me with ulterior motives. They tried to get close to me. I would put my arms around their waist and dance with them. And after that, I would accept a drink from them and gulp it down. But none had easily taken me to bed.

I knew full well what most of these women and the people behind them wanted, and it wasn’t me; it was Dere International.

These women only cared about material comforts and they were willing to use any method to make it happen. But not one of them was able to capture my attention.

Sometimes, for the more subtle connections, I had to pretend like I was profligate depending on the situation.

I couldn’t fall in love with anyone, for I believed that I no longer had the right to do so.

Thus, I seldom got really drunk at parties. Sometimes, I might look drunk, but in reality, I was just pretending.

The only time I ever got drunk was when my business friends tried to get me drunk for their schemes. I was indeed drunk back then, but I wasn’t drunk enough to lose consciousness.

I was aware that a woman had helped me into a hotel room and she laid me down on the bed. I could hear the sound of running water from the bathroom.

Clearly, the woman was determined to get what she wanted, and I knew this very well.

Soon, the bathroom door was opened, and the woman came out naked. I could smell the fragrance of the soap and her body.

Slowly, she walked to the bed, only to be startled.

She was surprised that I was smoking leaning against the headboard.

Chances were that she didn’t expect me to be awake so soon.

I was smoking and staring at her like this wasn’t something that would alarm me.

The woman’s skin was ruddy because of the warm water. And to be honest, she had a good figure.

When I eyed her up and down, she looked uneasy. Even so, she gathered her courage and approached me.

As she walked, I noticed her fair legs. Soon, she knelt on the bed. First, she put her hand on my chest to test the waters. And when she saw that I didn’t reject her, she boldly climbed on top of me.

Afterwards, she took the cigarette from my hand and placed her arms around my neck.

Then, she began to kiss my lips, she was quite passionate. But when she noticed that I wasn’t responding, she stopped, with a flirtatious gaze, she stared into my eyes, acting as though she was aggrieved. “Mr. Sullivan,” she muttered.

I was still a man. Being this close to a woman who was trying to seduce me so openly provoked my desire.

Seemingly having noticed that I was getting hard, a smile appeared on her lips, she used both her hands and her mouth, eager to arouse me further. However, I dampened the mood by pushing her away.

Coquettishly, she said, “Mr. Sullivan, I want you.”

While suppressing my anger, I replied, “Put on your clothes and get the f**k out of here.”

“But… Mr. Sullivan.”

The woman was reluctant to leave.

All of a sudden, my phone rang. I picked it up and saw that it was Timmy.

I shot the woman a stern glare, and she finally got down from me reluctantly.

Turning down the volume of my phone, I answered the call.

“I have news, sir,” said Timmy.

I closed my eyes and put the phone away.

“Mr. Sullivan,” the woman mumbled, touching my body again.

Not wanting to give her a second chance, I pushed her away and got out of bed. Then, I tidied up my clothes and strode away.

“Mr. Sullivan, wait!” she cried from behind me.

I ignored her and continued walking out of the hotel. At this moment, I still felt the desire to have s*x.

And as I stood along the street, smoking, I felt irritable. The cold wind gradually cooled me down, and eventually, I was able to calm down. 2

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