My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 564

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Sentence

Timmy arrived just as I was about to finish a cigarette.

I got in the car and Timmy drove US straight to the City Square.

We parked at the curb and kept watch from the car.

According to Timmy, Hawk had sent a message saying that they would take action tonight.

Hawk was just one of Timmy’s many informants. I had no idea who he was. I knew nothing about the man except for his code name and the fact that his information was always accurate.

As the clock struck twelve, the number of people in the square dwindled, and the shops began closing up for the day. Only a handful of KTV bars and cybercafes were still open.

Half an hour later, the men we had been waiting for finally arrived.

They got off their minibus one by one, then filtered into a cybercafe down the road.

Thanks to the streetlights surrounding the square, I was able to recognize Lean among the group. And judging by Timmy’s reaction, it seemed that he had recognized him, too.

He turned to me and asked, “what should we do now? Lean is with them.”

I kept my gaze fixed at Lean as he threw one arm on another young man’s shoulder and sauntered into the cybercafe. They might appear relaxed to most people, but they had, in fact, been surveilling the place as they went. My eyes narrowed as they disappeared through the door. “Stick to the original plan,” I answered.

All at once, the group of undercover policemen who had been stationed all over the square rushed into the cybercafe to ambush the thugs.

None of them escaped the arrest.

Through it all, Timmy and I never left the car. Soon, we saw the suspects trudge out to the streets with handcuffs around their wrists. The police deposited them to several police cars that had come around for backup.

And just like that, the authorities drove away, their police sirens blaring.

Some busybodies emerged from the KTV bars and other cybercafes to see what had happened, and they remained discussing the incident among themselves long after the police had gone.

Once everything was quiet again, I lowered the car windows on either side of the car. Right on cue, Timmy handed me a cigarette before lighting one for himself.

I leaned back against my seat, took a long drag, then looked up at the dark sky through the open sunroof.

Without the stars, the heavens felt like a massive black hole just waiting to swallow me up.

Lean had failed to get into a decent college. Dad had paid a fortune to get him into a third-rate university as a last resort, but it hadn’t taken long for Lean to get himself expelled. He had been doing nothing with his life after that. Dad had initially wanted him to take over the Flash Village, but Lean refused. And now, he was consorting with other young people, doing all sorts of illicit activities. I had been spending less and less time at home since my father had brought Lean home. I wasn’t sure what Dad and his woman were doing all this time, but they had somehow raised an ignorant and good-for-nothing son.

Sure, I had been in a street gang, too, but even then, I still had my own principles and limitations.

I remembered how Lean had come to Dere International to see me just a few months ago.

He had seldom taken the initiative to meet with me, so when he entered my office calling me “Brother”, I knew that he was up to something.

Lean had shamelessly expressed his interest in becoming Dere International’s general manager, citing that our father had asked him to learn how to run a business.

Although Dere International was just a cover for my secret identity, I had put a lot of time and energy in making it into what it currently was. I, of course, had no intention of setting it on the path to ruin.

I had been blunt with Lean, telling him that everything I had now, I worked hard for. None of it had been given to me on a silver platter; I forged everything with my own hands. If he wanted to live a good life, he would need to do the same.

As distant as I was with this half-brother of mine, I had long been aware of his personality. There was no way he would lower himself to manual labor; he was much too arrogant for that. This would leave him no choice but to cross my company from his options and look for another shortcut to ease his way.

Little had I known then that he would end up straying into a dark and dangerous path.

Dad and Belinda got the news as soon as Lean was brought into custody. Apparently, the woman cried all day long while Dad rounded up his connections to try and bribe Lean’s way out of a criminal case.

In the end, because too many people were involved in the case, Dad’s efforts were all in vain.

They were both there on the day of the trial, and so was I.

The courtroom was practically full of all of these young men’s family and friends. Everyone sported similar expressions of sadness and worry.

The men had to be tried one by one, and so got different sentences. Most of them were sentenced to ten years in prison, while Lean and another man called Raul got only five.

After the judge announced Lean’s verdict, a girl sitting just two seats away from me suddenly jumped to her feet.

“Lean,” she mumbled under her breath before passing out in the middle of the crowded courtroom.

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