My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 565

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Pregnant

The courtroom broke into chaos. Lean looked over, frowning.

I was the one closest to her, so I rushed forward and caught her just before she hit the floor.

The girl was still half-conscious then, she tried to open her eyes, but her lids only fluttered as fat teardrops rolled down her cheeks. “Lean,” she whispered before fainting. I carried her out and took her to the hospital. After several examinations, her administering doctor told me that she was pregnant.

I turned to the girl, who lay sleeping in the hospital bed, looking very frail and weak. Most of all, she looked far too young to be expecting.

This was my first impression of Tina.

I recalled the way she had reacted when the judge announced Lean’s verdict, and how she kept calling his name. It wasn’t rocket science. I instantly knew what was between them.

Tina was heavily sedated, and I ended up perusing through her phone to find her emergency contacts.

It was almost dark when a middle-aged couple arrived at the ward. Fortunately, Tina had also just woken up.

When the couple found out about her pregnancy, the woman immediately lashed out at Tina, hurling all kinds of insults and abuse at the poor girl without any regard for the state of her health.

Tina took it all without a word, she only kept her head down and sobbed quietly.

When she finally had her fill, the woman whirled around and looked me up and down, she pointed a finger at me and turned back at Tina.

“Is it his child?” she demanded.

Tina glanced at me before shaking her head fervently.

Unfortunately, her denial meant nothing, and the woman made me her next target, calling me vile names and curses.

“You could have fooled me with your looks, but you’re just another piece of scum! Have you no conscience at all? Tina is so young. How can you do such a thing, you monster?!”

At first, I tried my best to ignore her, but she had already crossed the line.

“It’s not my baby,” I said slowly.

The woman paused for a few seconds before putting her hands on her hips and continuing her tirade in that shrill voice of hers.

“Oh, really? So you don’t intend to take responsibility at all, do you?”

She loomed over Tina and proceeded to jab the girl’s forehead with her finger.

“What a good-for-nothing trash! How can you be so shameless? We worked so hard to raise you into someone sensible, and you return the favor by disgracing the family!”

She used so much force that Tina’s head repeatedly bobbed to the side, still, she just bit her lip and maintained her silence.

“Get an abortion right away!”

Tina’s eyes widened. All at once, the guilt and sorrow disappeared from her face.

“No. I’m keeping this baby.”

“What the hell did you just say?”

The woman’s voice had raised another pitch higher, she grabbed Tina’s ear and twisted it, making the girl cry out in pain.

“Don’t you feel an ounce of shame for your actions? How dare you even think about keeping the baby?”

“I made up my mind,” Tina said defiantly. “I will keep this baby.”

The woman then looked at her husband. He had been silent all this time, standing to the side, looking stern and disappointed.

“Well!” The woman cackled sardonically. “You can keep that d**n baby if you want. But I’m telling you, Tina, you can never come back to US again. You’re nothing more than a stain to our family name.”

With that, she took the man’s hand, and they stormed out of the ward.

I found out later that the woman wasn’t Tina’s mother, but her aunt.

Her parents had died when she was little, and she had been living with her aunt and uncle since.

Tina cried for a long time after the couple had gone, to the point that her eyes were practically swollen shut.

I didn’t even know how to begin to comfort her.

“That baby you’re carrying,” I ventured when her s**s finally subsided. “Is it Lean’s?”

My question prompted more tears, but Tina quickly wiped them away and nodded.

“Does he know of its existence?” I asked.

Sadness passed over her eyes, and then she shook her head.

“Are you really going to keep the baby?”

In all honestly, I felt terribly sorry for her.

Tina raised her head and met my eyes for the first time. Despite puffiness, her gaze was clear and direct.

“I want to keep this baby. I will keep it.”

Seeing her resolve, I knew that there was no use trying to dissuade her from the decision.

“My name is Derek Sullivan, Lean’s elder brother.”

She was an expectant mother whose family had just disowned her. I needed to find her a place to settle down, somewhere safe and comfortable.

Lean might have taken a blow in today’s hearing, but it also enabled him to dodge an even heavier circumstance. But seeing Tina, lost and alone, with a baby in her belly, I felt a little guilty. After all, I was the one who sent Lean to prison.

I learned afterward that Lean had never wanted the baby in the first place. To him, everything was just an accident.

Nevertheless, what was done, was done. We all had to deal with the consequences of our actions—Lean, Tina, and me.

I had no idea if Lean’s ordeal had convinced my father to give up drugs once and for all. Surely, the arrest of his favorite son must have shaken him back to his senses, right?

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