My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 566

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 566

Chapter 566 An Unfulfilled Wish

During the anniversary of Sybil’s death, I drove to her hometown and visited her grave.

She was buried on a hillside near her home. This place wasn’t like a cemetery, where graves were cleaned on a regular basis. Her grandmother, mother and sister were the only family she had left. Nobody had the time to tend to her grave, so weeds were growing around the tombstone and almost covered it by now.

I spent half the day cleaning up the weeds and the other half just standing in front of her grave. There, I remained in silent solitude.

Only her name was on the tombstone, but I could never forget what she looked like. Her long eyelashes, her soulful eyes, and the way she lowered her head and whispered “thank you” to me for the first time; they were all imprinted in my memory.

I also remembered the night how she tried her best not to cry when I said such hurtful words to her.

Over the years, I had been having nightmares in which she appeared before me, b****y and harrowing.

She was telling me that she was in pain and felt cold.

“Derek!” said someone from behind me.

When I turned around, I saw a tall beautiful girl approaching me.

It was Sybil’s younger sister, Becky. Her features were a lot like Sybil’s. She was now tall and filled with youthful vigor.

I remembered the day she went to Sousen in order to meet Sybil. Back then, she was still a child. And now, in the blink of an eye, she had grown up into a well-bred young lady.

Even in the past, I could tell that she was bolder than Sybil. When she arrived at the big city, she showed no signs of feeling shy or uneasy. Instead, she was curious of everything and wanted to try anything that she saw. She even went to the stage in Sybil’s stead.

And just like her sister, she sang like an angel.

Perhaps one day, Becky would be able to fulfill Sybil’s unfulfilled wish.

“Derek, I’m sure my sister is really happy that you came to see her,” Becky said, raising her voice at the end of her sentence.

The sound of her voice was pleasant to hear, and it put a smile on my face.

“Are you sure that she’ll feel happy, not angry?” I asked. Becky shook her head.

“That’s not possible, Derek, she really loved you. How could she be angry with you? You love her too, don’t you? I can feel it.”

When Becky was sorting out Sybil’s belongings, she found the latter’s diary. Most of its contents were related to me. I had read that diary as well in my spare time. Most of what was written was about how much she loved me, her inferiority complex, and her inner conflicts.

Sadly, I could never repay her for her love anymore. I owed her so much.

I put my hand on Becky’s head and said, “Study hard, Becky.”

“I will,” she replied, nodding.

Before I left the town, I visited her mother.

Her mother was severely paralyzed. She had been bedridden for many years. Becky had to be away from her mother to study at school, so it was her grandmother who had been taking care of her.

The same year that Sybil died, I came to see them, when I saw her family, I completely understood why she chose to make a living in a bar which was filled with all sorts of people. And I even understood why she felt a strong inferiority complex around me.

She must’ve felt so desperate when she chose to end her life. Otherwise, how could she have the heart to leave her mother and sister behind?

If I hadn’t gotten drunk that day and had answered her call, perhaps things might’ve been different.

Over the years, guilt had been haunting me. Aside from providing financial help to her family, 1 didn’t know how I would redeem myself.

When I came back from Sybil’s hometown, my father called me and told me to go to his house.

It had been so long since I went home.

I knew that what happened to Lean must be eating away at my dad. I no longer hated him as much as I did when I was a child. No matter how much I resented him, it wouldn’t change the fact that blood was thicker than water.

After everything that I had been through in the business world, I had become more rational. I was used to the cold and harsh realities of the world, as well as its worldly wisdom. And of course, I also wanted a warm family.

At home, Belinda made strawberry pies herself. It reminded me of the strawberry pies that Mom used to make when I was a kid. Sadness suddenly overcame me.

I was well aware that I could never have that back.

Belinda had been calling my father for several times, but he wouldn’t respond; he just remained seated on the sofa. Meanwhile, Belinda wiped away her tears.

“Lean loved the strawberry pies I made the most. But now, he can’t eat them anymore. He’s all alone in prison.” Alone, huh? Many in this world were alone.

When I left, I took a few slices of strawberry pie with me and drove to the alley where Eveline lived.

After getting out of the car, I walked inside.

I hadn’t been here for many years.

At present, the alley was deserted and most of its former residents had moved away.

As I stood at the foot of the building, I looked up.

To my surprise, there was no light in Eveline’s house.

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