My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 567

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 567

Chapter 567 Good Samaritan

My heart began to race as I climbed the stairs to the door of Eveline’s house.

The door was covered with dust. There were even cobwebs at the comers of the doorpost. It seemed like the door hadn’t been opened for a long time.

Did she move? Or did she get married?

Aaron had been abroad for the past few years. I hadn’t even heard any good news about him.

Sometimes, it wasn’t easy for two people to be together. Many things could be standing in their way. The obstacles varied from family problems and matters concerning the future.

If Eveline got married, what kind of person was her husband? Was she happy in her marriage?

I sighed and hung the bag of strawberry pies on her door handle.

Although I was supposed to knock on the door to be sure she wasn’t at home, I didn’t do so. I had never dared to knock. Now, I was even more unqualified to do so.

An indescribable feeling filled my heart. I leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette to clear my head. As I smoked, I began to reminisce.

What was Eveline to me? I had no idea till now.

Did I love her secretly? Maybe, but I knew that I wasn’t worthy enough to love her.

Sybil’s death filled me with guilt and regret. Nevertheless, I couldn’t even let Eveline see that I felt guilty.

Time had passed by quickly.

I thought I would never get the chance to see Eveline again. But she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

When we met at the mountainside that night, I didn’t recognize her at first because she looked disheveled. Her hair was messy and several strands covered her face. Her body was also covered with dirt, she was the shadow of herself. My brain didn’t process that the miserable woman was the Eveline I knew.

It wasn’t until she raised her head that I recognized her. She had a sad and desperate look. The sight of her unique eyes rang a bell in my head.

Yes, it was her!

But why was she alone on the mountainside? why did she look so unkempt?

This meeting was so sudden that I was flustered.

Eveline was silent for many seconds as she stared blankly. I decided to leave as if I hadn’t seen her.

Over the years, I had learned to stay calm no matter what happened. But all the calming techniques failed me when I bumped into Eveline.

I had already begun to ride my bike away when I heard something. It was a faint wailing. I stopped the bike. Eveline was so sad and helpless.

I had been escaping for so many years. When I happened to pass by at that needy time of hers, I couldn’t help feeling like it was orchestrated by fate. Humans were slaves to fate. There was no way we could avoid doing what it wanted.

My heart ached for Eveline even though I didn’t know what was wrong. I rode my bike back to her. Suppressing the panic in my heart, I pretended to be calm as if it was my first time meeting her.

I sent her back to her home like a kind-hearted passer-by. Along the way, I heard when she called her friend. Then she hung up the phone hurriedly and cried her eyes out sadly.

Putting two and two together, I found out about her predicament, she had lost her baby.

A heavy weight filled my insides. I badly wanted to cry for her. But I had lit a cigarette and smoked to suppress all my sadness.

Later, I took the car to the car wash. My eyes caught glimpse of the blood on the passenger seat. The fury and sadness I had been suppressing exploded immediately. I began to hit my fist on the car like a mad man.

“Mr. Sullivan, what’s wrong?”

The car wash attendant looked at me uneasily.

His words brought me back to my senses, without uttering a word, I waved indifferently and walked aside. I smoked another cigarette with a trembling hand.

Even after the car was washed, I sat inside and didn’t know where to go.

I went back home very late that night and took a cold shower.

I stood under the shower for a long time. The water flowed to every inch of my body, what I had experienced made me numb, so I wanted the cold water to bring back all my senses. It didn’t work at all. Images of her b****y legs, her stained dress, and the desperate look she had continued to flash through my mind.

No matter how I tried to get rid of them, I couldn’t. My mind was a complete mess. It pained me that I couldn’t be there for her. I couldn’t show that I cared.

A voice kept telling me that I was the least worthy person in the world to do so.

If I didn’t show up again, our meeting could be tagged as a chance encounter.

I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. The next morning, I didn’t go to the company.

Although I didn’t want to think about Eveline, I had no control over any of my thoughts.

She didn’t look well the previous day. Losing a pregnancy was painful. I knew that she not only suffered physical pain but also emotional pain. Did she get any better?

Conflicting voices battled in my head. But I had finally decided to call her.

It was the right thing to do, wasn’t it? Every good Samaritan with a conscience would check up on the person they helped, right?

Eveline informed me that she was in the hospital.

When I arrived there, I happened to see that shameless couple bullying her.

It was then I found out that her husband was Shane, that b*****d.

Indeed, it was a small world.

Shane had bullied the people I cared about. First, it was Sybil. And then, Eveline.

I couldn’t let it slide at that time. I had decided to ruin his life.

Like a knight in shiny armor, I shielded Eveline behind me. Shane failed to recognize me. I found it ridiculous at first.

But on second thought, I had reasoned that it made sense. After all, I was a young boy who had long hair eight years before then. I had beaten him so bad back then that he couldn’t straighten his waist or even look up at me. He had got black eyes from the fight. It was expected that his brain attempted to protect itself by subconsciously erasing me from his memory due to the trauma of that fight.

But this wasn’t the case for me. I would never forget him because I badly wanted to kill him eight years ago.

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