My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 568

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 568

Chapter 568 An Excellent Trap

By the time the shameless couple walked away, it seemed like Eveline lost all her strength.

The pain she suffered throughout the night had completely drained her. she soon fainted.

As she lay in the hospital bed motionlessly, I stared at her pale face. My heart ached and my mind was a mess. I had called her earlier and visited her just to know if she was improving. It was saddening that she wasn’t doing pretty well, but I couldn’t let myself fall deeper into a relationship with her.

After pondering for a long time, I called her friend.

I left the hospital and drowned myself in work affairs for a whole month. I intentionally made my schedule tight so I wouldn’t think of her.

Somehow, I still thought about her and even wanted to call her a few times. But I refrained from doing so.

Eveline didn’t call me either. It seemed she had forgotten me. Perhaps she saw our meeting as a chance encounter.

I went to her old house a few times. The visits were always at night.

However, I never knocked on her door. I just stayed outside the building and stared at her window for as long as the light was on.

All I wanted to know was if she was doing fine, since she was recuperating well, I had decided not to disturb her by showing up. I

The next time I saw Eveline was at Blue sky.

Like our meeting at the mountainside, this one was also coincidental.

She was very beautiful that night.

Her appearance was nothing like how she was a month before then, she looked so gorgeous that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

It was obvious that she had done a lot of healing the previous month.

At that time, I was with two of my business associates who wanted to introduce their daughters to me. It didn’t go down well with me, so I badly wanted to get rid of them.

Since Eveline happened to appear in my time of need, I thought that it was fate. I suddenly had an impulse to take a big risk.

When she walked up to me to say hello, I took her hand, and then introduced her to the others as my future wife. I was serious about marrying her.

On the other hand, she had no idea of my true intentions. She then left the booth with her friend and never came back. She had taken my heart with her.

I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation with my business associates for a long time. After I couldn’t wait anymore, I rushed to look for her. I happened to see those two adulterers bullying her again. Tears had already welled up in her eyes.

I walked to her and kissed her passionately in the presence of the bullies.

I did that for two reasons. The first reason was that I had a strong desire to protect her. And the second was that I had always wanted to kiss her. Hence, I didn’t hesitate to strike while the iron was hot.

The passionate kiss cleared up my clouded mind. It was then I became sure of what I wanted to do. I decided to protect her and punish the two adulterers.

For that purpose, I set an excellent trap.

The way Eveline had been uneasy when I took her into the casino was still imprinted in my mind, she had been a good girl since childhood, so it was her first time entering such a place.

As we walked past the gambling tables, she held my arm tightly and lowered her head, she behaved as timid as when she was a child.

Shane’s participation in the gambling session made it even more interesting for me. Each bet and odd increased the tension at the table, but it only got more exciting for me.

I sensed that Eveline was afraid that her adulterous husband would lose.

He had broken her heart into several pieces, but she was still worried about him.

Did they get married because of love? Was she still in love with him?

These thoughts made me a little annoyed.

To vent my anger, I decided to make him lose completely. Shane lost all the bets he made during that game. Not only did he lose three million dollars, but he also lost his dignity. 1

I asked Felix to take Eveline and the others out first. I then commanded Shane to follow me into the casino’s office.

He fiddled with his fingers as he stood in front of me. His face reddened with embarrassment.

I lit a cigarette and said, “Long time no see.”

These three words stunned him. He suddenly looked up at me with squinted eyes. A gleam of panic appeared in his eyes a few seconds later. He must have recognized me.

“Ermm… what… what do you want?” he asked me nervously.

“What do I want?”

I took a long drag on the cigarette and puffed out a cloud of thick smoke on his face. Afterward, I laughed devilishly.

“What sort of question is that? You owe me three million dollars now. I should be the one doing the questioning. How and when do you intend to pay me?”

Shane cowered after I demanded the money. He shivered for a while before he managed to reply, “Derek, I know that you hate me because Sybil broke up with you to be with me. But you have to understand that I didn’t force her.”

My blood boiled at that time. I crumpled the cigarette with my fingers, but I still smiled faintly.

“You haven’t answered my question.”

Every ounce of his masculinity disappeared at that moment. His hands wandered as his nervousness increased. He seemed to be afraid of me. Sure, he was!

“I… I don’t have that amount of money. For now, I can only sign an IOƯ note,” he finally uttered.

“I don’t accept an IOU note, but I have a plan!” I suggested with a sinister smirk.

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