My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 570

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO, Chapter 570

Chapter 570 The Bad News

Eveline’s mother passed away.

She knelt down at her mother’s bedside, banging her head against the edge of the bed. The way she burst into tears and hurt herself broke my heart. At that moment, I didn’t know what to do. All I could do was to hold her in my arms and prevent her from hurting herself. In the face of life and death, all words were feeble and futile.

Later on, she knelt in front of her mother’s tomb, staring at it blankly and unwilling to leave even though it was raining.

When I carried her back to my car, she was still holding her mother’s portrait tightly. I could feel just how sad she was and how desperate she must feel at this moment.

Her whole world had crumbled down and she had lost everything in her life.

I felt guilty and distressed over it, and I blamed myself for what happened. Sadly, all I could do was to hold her and provide her with some warmth because I didn’t know what else to do.

She asked me why I was so nice to her. Truthfully, I had been wanting to treat her this well for many years.

That night, I found a tape of Thom Birds in her house.

The Thom Birds was now a distant memory to me, but the familiar lyrics of the song reminded me of those memories.

“Live on, and live up to the meaning of life. Live on and expend every courage I have in my heart. Live on, and live well for the people who love me. I will reach my dreams, for the sake of my youth that can never be returned…”

If I were being honest, I also needed encouragement, because I had to walk a difficult road and there was no more turning back for me.

I told her, “Eveline, people won’t be lucky or unlucky all their lives, when your life is extremely bad, it means that good things will come.

The most powerful person in this world isn’t Superman, but someone who has been knocked down a hundred times, but still has the strength and courage to stand up a hundred and one times. The former may be strong, but the latter is courageous.”

Just as I was about to leave, she asked me to stay, she stood inside the room, while I stood outside the doorway. And as I stood face to face with her, romance seemed to fill the air.

If Tina hadn’t called me and said that she was feeling uncomfortable, I might’ve been reluctant to leave that night. Only God knew how many years this door had kept me outside of Eveline’s life. All these years, I wished that I could come in, get close to her, warm her up, and protect her.

On this day, her mother became a portrait hanging on the walls of her house.

The scene in which she knelt before her mother’s grave, stubbornly refusing to leave, tortured me. I could feel all of her pain and hatred.

It made me wonder what I should do to help her.

The following day, I contacted several newspaper companies. The editor of Sousen Evening News, Mr. Smith, had been wanting to interview me a long time ago. Through this connection, 1 began to collect newspapers related to the incident that happened eight years ago.

That night, I was at a dinner party when I suddenly received a call from Eric.

I didn’t have time to ponder on it at the time. Even though there were lots of people at the dinner party, I came up with an excuse, grabbed my suit, and left hastily, leaving everyone surprised.

Along the way to Eric’s Midnight Bar, I felt uneasy and agitated. As a man capable of being calm at all times, I couldn’t understand why I lost my composure when something happened to Eveline.

When I heard the noise coming from inside the private room, I kicked the door open immediately.

Eveline’s clothes were disheveled and she was lying on the sofa, pressed down by Shane.

Upon seeing me, Shane was unnerved and guilty.

If his memory wasn’t bad, he probably still remembered our contract.

Eveline tried to escape the room once she had the opportunity, but I stopped her.

She grabbed her torn up clothes and refused to look up.

I could understand how embarrassed she was at the moment. I didn’t want to act against Shane for the time being, because I knew that his retribution would come sooner or later. Eveline was the only person I could see right now.

That was the first moment that she ever took the initiative to kiss me.

I knew what her purpose was. she wanted to use me to get rid of Shane. But I began to lose control of my desire. In addition to my primitive desire, I was angry.

I wondered why I was angry. Was it because I realized that she was using me? Or was it because I was mad at myself for not being able to protect her, causing her to get hurt again.

At the time, I couldn’t analyze how I felt and all my reasoning left me. Her lips felt so soft. With just one kiss, I felt like I never wanted to let go of her again. Thus, I began to kiss her passionately.

But my passion seemed to have scared her. I kept telling myself not to hurt her, and was eventually able to stop myself from kissing her.

Later, she told me that she was going to divorce Shane tomorrow and she wanted to have one last act of revenge. And when I heard those words come out of her mouth, I felt happy.

It was then that I realized that I was losing control of my heart. I had always been scared that she’d get hurt. If I left her alone, would she get hurt again? Would things like what happened tonight happen again?

After all, this silly girl never learned to protect herself.

I decided that I never wanted to leave her alone again. Maybe it would make me feel at ease to keep her by my side.

The following day, Eveline ended her crappy marriage and finally regained her freedom.

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