My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 410

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 410

‘‘Mr.Ellison is a just and upright man; it was reasonable for him to put his manners aside when he heard Nicole say such unpleasant things.

‘Nicole may very well have nothing to do with his anger toward her” thought Ms.Thompson with a sneer on her face.

As if victory was at hand, she hurriedly said to Harvey, “Harvey, go back to your class first.I have something to attend to.”

As she said that, she turned and left the office.She noticed the strange look in Harvey’s eyes, but she still lugged her barrel-like waist as she stomped out on her stiletto high heels.

Soon, Ms.Thompson arrived at the corridor of the eleventh grade, and although it was almost time for class, Class B’s doorway was still crowded and very noisy.

There was a look of puzzlement on Ms.Thompson’s face as she could not understand what was going on.

Many of the students did not look like they were from the high school division.

There were even some from the university division, and she could not help but wonder.

“Did everyone in school come over here? What are they doing here?’ As she came to the crowd, she grabbed one of the students and asked, “What are you lot gathering here for?”

It was so noisy it did not look like they were about to have their exams! When a boy saw that it was her, his originally irritable gaze immediately changed as he cautiously said, “Ms.Thompson, we are here to apologize.”

‘Apologize? Apologize for what?’ Ms.Thompson wanted to ask more, but that boy, who seemed to be from the twelfth grade, knew very well the grievances between Nicole and Ms.

Thompson, so he raised his hand and called out.

“Ms.Thompson is here! Let’s leave!”

When everyone saw that Ms.Thompson was really here, they reacted quickly as they took their stuff and fled.

Barely a moment later, there was no one at the door of the eleventh grade.

Ms.Thompson had no outlet to vent the questions she had, so she was pissed and hated Nicole even more.

Ms.Thompson could not hold her irritation as she stepped into Class B.

The students inside the class had already heard that yell, so everyone was already sitting properly in their seats.

The class looked very peaceful and quiet.

Ms.Thompson ignored them and snorted coldly.

The boy on the first row looked at Ms.Thompson and sheepishly asked, ‘Ms.Thompson, what are you doing here?”

Ms.Thompson looked up and sneered as she said, “What am I doing here? If I had not come here, you brats would have turned this place upside down!”

When she said that, her eyes were affixed to Nicole as if she was talking to the latter.

Nicole’s expression remained impassive as she leaned back lazily on the car.She pulled out a book, not deigning to even look at Ms.Thompson, who was here to look for trouble.

Ms.Thompson could never stand Nicole’s indifference, so she walked over and slammed on Nicole’s desk.

“Nicole, how can you be so oblivious? You can’t tell I’m talking about you?”

Everyone had witnessed Ms.Thompson being made a fool before Nicole and knew clearly what her words meant.

‘Ms.Thompson is here for payback!’ Everyone knew, yet they could only lower their hands and not speak.Nicole looked up impassively, and as she looked at Ms.Thompson, her voice had an obvious chill to it.

“What’s the matter? Did I do something?”

Everyone looked at Ms.Thompson too.

‘Yeah, what did Nicole do?”

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