My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 412

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 412

Nicole did not look at the people around her as she calmly stared at Ms.Thompson, who was still laughing.She then closed the book in front of her.

‘Better not let her saliva stain my book’ When Ms.Thompson saw Nicole’s action, she suddenly stopped laughing.

‘Nicole sure has thick skin.She is so unperturbed after being humiliated like this.It is as if she had quite the confidence”

Yet, Ms.Thompson pondered, ‘Nah.How could it be possible? Previously, Nicole’s mock test result was there for all to see.Noone would deliberately score zero to fail their test”

She looked coldly at Nicole, disdain seeping out of her eyes.

“Nicole, since you dare to say that, I’ll wait and see.”

Ms.Thompson paused for a moment.

As she looked at the girl who did not even look back at her, a tinge of schadenfreude appeared in her voice.

“Remember what I said.If you still score zero, you can forget about coming to this school ever again! 

“You hear me?!”

Nicole was not at all perturbed by her intimidation.

Vivian, who was seated at the front, turned around to look at Nicole with a trace of malice in her eyes.

“Ms.Thompson, Nicole has purposefully disturbed us to drag our grades down so it will not be obvious even if she scores poorly!”

‘Oh? Is that so?’ thought Ms.Thompson when she heard what Vivian said.She felt that it made sense.

She then squinted her eyes as she looked at Nicole, not expecting the latter to be such a scheme.

‘Indeed, if everyone else does poorly, she won’t look out of place even if she scored poorly herself”

“Nicole, I never thought you to be such a scheming person!”

Many were carried away by Vivian’s words and took it for real.

After all, Nicole had so many things happening around here that they were distracted trying to keep up with everything! 

‘No wonder she is not afraid to let Ms.Thompson look at her result.It turned out she is plotting this!’ Everyone then gave Nicole a slightly resentful look.

‘ What a b*tch you are, Nicole!’

 ‘We thought you were not a bad person, but now it seems like there is indeed something wrong with your character”

Gary, who was seated at the back, too looked at Nicole with his brows furrowed, a trace of doubt appearing i n his eyes.

‘All this while, Nicole has not been paying attention t o class, nor has she attended the Math Olympiad classes, yet she is boasting here, ‘ thought Gary as his expression changed a little.

‘Could it be that she is trying to drag everyone’s grades down like what Vivian said?’ Vivian looked at Gary’s gradual solemn expression and felt good inside.

‘I finally got Gary to see Nicole’s true personality!’ Vivian then gave Nicole a righteous look, yet a deep sense of schadenfreude was inside her eyes.

‘Let’s see how you come out of this unscathed!”

Nicole glanced at Vivian and gave Ms.Thompson a totally impassive look as she said, matter-of-factly, “I’ve never planned to affect the grades of others.”

She gently tapped the desk with her index finger.

When she recalled how Mr.Riddle Sr.hoped that she would do well in this exam, she looked at the people who were mocking her so wantonly and let out a proud and condescending smile.

“I’m not at the least bothered if all of them give their best.So why would I even bother affecting their grades?”

‘WHAT?! Everyone looked at Nicole, with only Lulu, June, and Bradley sitting calmly where they were, not even blinking.

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