My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 414

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 414

 Vivian was stunned, and she could not maintain her expression.She had always been the upright class rep who cared about everyone.She got so carried away that what she said sounded rather biased.

Oliver looked at Vivian with a stunned expression, a trace of disappointment appearing in his eyes.

“Nicole, what do you mean by that? What did you take our class’s collective effort for? For you to so sarcastically proclaim that all our efforts are not comparable to yours, a person who doesn’t even pay attention in class at all?”

Nicole glanced up at her with a trace of inexplicable iciness in her voice.

“You claimed that I have ulterior motives, and they chose to believe your foolish claims.So, I have no choice but to prove it, right?”

She leaned back against the chair.

Her face was clearly expressionless, yet it had a sharp edge to it that made i t impossible for anyone to look away.

Gary stared at Nicole in a daze as he felt that figure on the racetrack inexplicably appearing before his eyes.

And when everyone heard what Nicole said, all of them were stunned.

“Yeah, we have always been subjectively judging Nicole’s thoughts and actions.We’ve always chosen t o believe anything that was against Nicole.

Could it be because of that Nicole had no choice but to choose such a merciless way to prove her innocence? ‘To cut off all connections with us, she said something that had no room to turn back so that she could let everyone hear her voice clearly.

“But Nicole did not even deign to be bothered about u s, So there was no need to hide anything.

‘Even so, she did not need to say something like this when she had no intentions of affecting our studies”

Everyone looked at Nicole and, for a time, was at a loss on how to react.

Nicole was not at all concerned about what they were thinking as she just sat there and waited for the school bell to ring.

Mr.Kennedy was seated in Ms.Emerson’s office for a drink.He looked at her packing up her teaching materials before him with a sarcastic look on his face.

“Ms.Emerson, the Math Olympiad is about to take place soon.I wonder, how’s your class’s preparation?”

The students they had picked were all fully prepared a s this time they were aiming for the prizes! Thinking of the zero-score Nicole in Ms.

Emerson’s class, Mr.Kennedy chuckled softly, his tone extremely sarcastic.

“Once the Math Olympiad is over, we’ll have the honor to witness the first Royal Creek Institute student come back with a zero!”

“And it’ll be that Nicole from your class!”

Ms.Emerson looked at Mr.Kennedy indifferently, who was boasting, and she said nothing.

It was Mr.Louis who came in to discuss some maths questions with Ms.Emerson, who shook his head in disagreement.

“Mr.Kennedy, don’t jump to conclusions that soon.”

In his heart, Nicole had always been an unpredictable one.

Yet, Mr.Kennedy only gave Mr.Louis a cold look.

‘ He’s just a maths teacher and has little prestige in school.He can’t even be a head teacher, so he can’t do anything at all”

Thinking of this, Mr.Kennedy gave Mr.Louis a glance as he said, “Mr.Louis, you’re already in this sorry state, so don’t bother trying to lecture me, yeah?”

Mr.Louis knew this was the typical Mr.Kennedy, so he shook his head and said nothing else.He then got up as he chuckled, and said goodbye to Ms.


“Ms.Emerson, you should go to your class.Let’s not delay.”

As he said that, he walked out, not giving Mr.Kennedy a look at all.

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