My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 415

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 415

Seeing that Mr.Kennedy did not even take him seriously, Mr.Louis felt there was no need for him to tell the former why Nicole had scored zero previously.

‘Let’s just wait for Nicole to slap him on the face”

Mr.Louis could not help but to want to see Mr.Kennedy’s face when the time came.

Ms.Emerson had walked behind him and out of her office as she casually locked the door behind her.

Mr.Kennedy found it difficult to keep his composure when the two were ignoring him.

Seeing that Ms.Emerson was about to lock him inside her office, he gave a dissatisfied yell.

“Ms.Emerson, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you see there’s someone in here? Why are you locking the door?”

When Ms.Emerson heard his voice, she turned around and gave him a surprised look.

“Mr.Kennedy, whose office is this again?”

Mr.Kennedy did not catch the drift and thought this woman had lost her mind, so much so that she did not recognize her own office, so he disdainfully said, “Ms.Emerson, what are you saying? This is, of course, your office.”

Ms.Emerson stood outside with her teaching materials in hand as she said with a half-smile.

“Since it’s my office, why can’t I lock it when I’m out?”

When Mr.Kennedy heard that, he was at a loss for words and could only stare at her for a good while before finding his tongue.

“There’s still someone inside! Can’t you wait for me t o leave before locking?”

As he said that, he increased his pace as he walked to the door.

Ms.Emerson looked at him impassively as she stood by the door.

Mr.Kennedy thought she was scared into submission by him.

‘She has always been meek before me.She has never said anything back.It must be the same now too!’ 

Yet, just as he was about to step out the door triumphantly, Ms.Emerson’s soft voice rang out.

“I was about to lock the door because there was no one inside.”

Mr.Kennedy thought, ‘What did she mean?”

It took him a good while to realize that Ms.Emerson was implying that he was no one! He was so angry that the cup in his hand shook, splashing hot water all over himself as he screamed.

“Ms.Emerson, just you wait! Once the exam results are out, let’s see if you can pull that look at me again! Ms.Thompson had already promised me that once the exam results are out, the best teacher award is mine! Just you wait!”

Ms.Emerson did not even look back as she swept her hair aside, and her face was no longer fearful.

‘In any case, since the two of them are complicit, I will suffer no matter what I do, so why should I continue to be aggrieved?’ 

After class, Ms.Emerson called Nicole over to her side and went through the time and date of the Math Olympiad.

Nicole looked at her face as she seriously noted them down.Her expression still remained impassive.

Vivian looked at Nicole, her gaze icy.

Many, too, were dissatisfied when they saw Ms.Emerson was so close to Nicole.

‘Ms.Emerson is actually hoping for Nicole to score?’ 

They could forgive what she said earlier, but they did not believe Nicole, whom they assumed to be academically inept and trouble-causing, could get good results! Thinking of what Nicole said earlier, many were still disdainful of her.

Yet, Nicole was not bothered by what they were thinking.

After she was done talking to Ms.Emerson, she slothfully packed her stuff up as if she was totally unconcerned about everything here.

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