My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 416

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 416

The classes for the day ended in a blink of an eye, and Nicole picked up her bag as she walked out.

Gary looked at her back as he got up and wanted to chase after her.

Just as he was about to zip up his bag, he was suddenly patted on the back.

Gary looked back irritably, thinking that it was Jack and Wayne pulling some kind of prank.

Yet, what entered his gaze was Vivian’s slightly shy face.

Gary’s impression of this girl remained at the level of being the class rep, and her studies were decent.He did not know her at all, let alone be familiar with her.

When he turned back and saw her, Gary was faintly surprised.

“What are you looking for me for?”

He did not think that Vivian would be stopping him here for no reason.

Vivian looked at Gary standing before her.She had already taken notice of him since the first day of school.

To her, he was not only the youngest child of the Finley family, but he was also cold yet handsome, like a character out of fiction.

When she helped him register for school, his cold eyebrows seemingly came alive, as if his gaze toward her was hers alone.He said he was Gary Finley.

Vivian inexplicably felt that his name was not on the register, but instead, he was personally told that he was Gary Finley.

That was when the illusion began, ambiguous and hazy.

It was then that Vivian fell into a cage she had set for herself.

Just like now, as Vivian looked at Gary, who seemed to be very pleasant, a genuine smile appeared on her face.

‘Look, I knew it.Gary treats me differently”

Yet, as she dithered and did not speak, she failed to notice Gary’s — who wanted to chase after Nicole — impatient eyes.

Vivian recomposed herself as she put forth her best class rep poses as she asked Gary.

“Gary, the Math Olympiad is tomorrow.How’s your preparation?”

She was worried about her personal exam results back then and did not participate in the Math Olympiad with Gary.

Now she was so regretful her insides turned.

After Gary heard Vivian’s question, his expression did not change much.

He assumed that she was just worried about the class’ overall grades and asked about it.

“No need to worry about it.Just that I’m not sure if I can get first place.”

He was definitely in contention for prizes, but whether he could clinch first place or not, Gary could not say that he had a hundred percent confidence.

Vivian looked at the boy standing before her.

Her heart tightened a little when she saw him frown.

“It’s okay, Gary! You’re already awesome enough.In the end, it’s all because of Nicole making that meaningless bet! She isn’t good at all, yet she’s still acting tough.For some reason, Ms.Emerson trusts her a lot now, that even I’m no match for her…”

As she went on, Vivian started to complain non-stop.

Gary’s expression became more and more irritable.

His upbringing did not allow him to interrupt her directly, and as he listened to Vivian’s increasingly outrageous aspersions against Nicole, his eyes gradually turned cold.


Vivian looked at Gary, whose eyes had a fit of anger in them, in shock, not realizing where she had provoked him.

Gary could not be bothered with her as he zipped up his bag and slung it over his back before walking out, without even turning his head back.

Vivian looked at his cold back and clenched her fist angrily.

A completely different twist took hold in her eyes.

Everything she said just now was targeted at Nicole.

She had thought that Gary had seen through Nicole’s real person and would definitely be in agreement with her.

Yet, she did not expect him to react like this! Thinking of this, Vivian’s expression became extremely sullen.

If she was not wrong, there were no books in Gary’s half-opened bag just now.

There was only a shirt inside it!

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