My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 431

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 431

Spencer missed what Nicole said earlier.

‘Someone like Eric, who’s so boastful, can get to meet Mr.Wyance.Why can’t Nicole?’ Spencer thought.

Although Samuel and Stanley did not speak up, they probably had the same thought.

They were not going t o be bothered by Eric’s fake threat.

Even if they were unaware of his background, they were not afraid of him ‘Compared to him, my sister’s so amazing.She knows tons of people.It’s not surprising that she got to meet with Mr.Wyance”

If Damien and Dillion knew that their nephews thought that way, they would be furious.

Eric was mad.He was pampered and lived a rich life.His fat hand was slapped so hard by Samuel that it was swollen.

Eric winced as he said, “Nicole, y-you’re so ungrateful, you’re in big trouble!”

A hint of ruthlessness flashed upon Eric’s eyes as he looked at the redness on the back of his hand.He then looked at Nicole and her brothers, who were looking furious too.

A chilly voice came from behind suddenly.

“Who’s in big trouble, you said?” Samuel looked back.

He was surprised and shouted, “Sean!”

Sean showed up unexpectedly.

Not only that, but Steve came also.

There was a cold glint flashed past his eyes under his gold frame glasses as he looked at Eric.

When Sean and Steve saw Eric chased after Nicole, they knew he would trouble her.

They were worried that he would take advantage of Nicole.So, they followed Eric to check it out.

They heard Eric speak harshly to Nicole just when they reached.

Sean squinted as he looked at the fat man, Eric, who was sweating.

“My sister rejected you, Mr.Anderson.”

Steve smiled coldly as he looked at Eric.

“You don’t have the right to force Nicole to do something that she doesn’t want to do.Do you understand?” he added.

Eric looked at the two men in front of him.

‘Those two brats just now were rude to me.But the two men right now are even worse” he thought.

Sean and Steve were way younger than Eric.

However, he could not help but feel intimidated as he looked at them.He walked a few steps back sheepishly.He then clenched his teeth frustratedly and said, “You shouldn’t see it that way.Maybe Nicole was confused at that moment.That was why she didn’t accept my request.Maybe when she’s finally clear-headed, she will follow me to meet with Mr.Wyance!”

‘No one from the Riddle family has the chance to meet with Mr.Wyance now.But I can make it happen for them!’ he thought.

Just when Eric was thinking about that, Stanley drove his car here.

Nicole still did not raise her eyes.She asked Samuel and Spencer to get into the car with her.

Samuel glared at Eric as he got into the car.

Spencer looked at Eric coldly as he said goodbye to him before he got into the car.

Eric shouted as he saw Nicole was getting into the car too, “Nicole, you rejected me now.Don’t regret it in the future!”

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