My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 432

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 432

Nicole heard Eric and looked back with an impassive face.Her eyes were filled with disdain as she sneered a t Eric, “Let’s wait and see.”

Nicole then said goodbye to Sean and Steve.

Stanley started his car.

The black Maybach sped away, leaving the gloomy Eric and the two cold-looking Sean and Steve behind.

Sean looked at Eric and left without saying a single word.

Steve saw that Eric looked dissatisfied and furious.He shook his head and left with Sean.

“The Riddle family doesn’t welcome you, Mr.Anderson.Please leave.”

Eric clenched his fist.He came here with pride.But he was standing here with disgrace.He did not get what h e wanted.

‘This isn’t the way I do things”

‘It’s all because of Nicole! She’s so stubborn that the carrot and stick approach doesn’t even work”

Eric was furious with what the Riddle family said.He stood in front of their house.He looked at the door coldly as it closed.He clenched his teeth as he said, “Alright, way to go, you guys!”

‘The Riddle family doesn’t welcome me? I don’t even want to be here!’ Eric was mad as he got back into his car.

‘I’m going to tell Mr.Wyance about how rude the Riddle family was to me when I meet him the day after tomorrow.It’s too much!’ 

‘They’re going to beg me to say good things for them as they cry!’ Eric felt much better after he thought about all these.

He then drove toward Club Studio.He was going to let off steam after what happened to him today.

The next day.

It was a sunny day.

Nicole arrived at the examination venue in the company of her brothers.

The place was overcrowded.

The number of teachers and guardians was more than the number of examinees.

Nicole asked her brothers to leave when she saw that the place was so happening.She did not want to be the center of attention again.

Gary and Raine arrived too.

Although Raine was in the twelfth grade, she was in Class A.

Her team was led by Mike.

Raine ignored her team and stuck with Gary.She was going to ask him about something.

But Gary did not bother her.

He turned around and walked away while looking annoyed.

Raine chased after Gary and complaint, “It’s so hot here.Gary, let’s go back to the place just now, okay?”

The reason why Gary walked toward the sunniest area was to get away from Raine.

But Raine did not realize this.

Gary turned around and looked at her coldly.

“Go back there on your own.Stop following me,” Gary said aversively.

Raine was stunned as she looked at Gary.She was furious.

Gary did not realize that she was angry with him.

“Students from Class A are all over there.Here are the teams from Class B.What are you doing here?”

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