My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 433

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 433

Mr.Ellison ordered every class to send representatives who were not participating in the Mathematical Olympiad to support the participants.

Gary walked toward Class B, which was led by Ms.Emerson.

Raine and Noah were led by Mr.Kennedy.

Raine was too busy following Mr.Kennedy and was unaware of her surroundings.

When she raised her eyes, everyone from Class B gave her a strange look.

Jack and Wayne were standing next to Gary.

They both were holding their arms as they looked at Nicole calmly.

Tolerance for her can no longer be seen through their eyes.

A sudden hint of nervousness flashed upon Raine’s eyes.

Rained remembered how Jack and Wayne asked her harshly to have Nicole pack her stuff the other day.She was still afraid of the scowl on their faces from that day.

However, Gary was still right there.

Raine clenched her teeth and wanted to continue walking behind him.

However, Vivian, who was standing beside Raine, saw what she wanted to do.She quickly walked toward Gary, one step ahead of Raine.She then looked at Raine as she said sternly, “You’re entering the hall soon.You should go back to your class and get ready.Stop following the student from our class.”

Raine looked at Vivian unconvincingly and wanted to say something.

At the same time, Gary saw Nicole walking leisurely behind him.

His brows frowned slightly.

He quickly walked toward her and asked, “Why did you come so late?”

Nicole looked at Gary, who was standing in front of her looking serious.

‘Exam’s today.I’m going to ignore his interrogative tone”

She coldly said, “There’s no point reaching early.”

Gary was furious with Nicole for giving him the cold shoulder.

“You have boasted in front of others.Don’t score zero in the exam again!”

Nicole ignored what Gary said and walked past him.Her face was expressionless.

Gary was pissed when Nicole left him behind.

The reason Jack and Wayne came was to support Gary.

When they saw him look furious, they walked toward him.

“What’s wrong, Gary? Are you not well prepared? ” they asked.

Jack noticed that Gary was still furious.

He poked Wayne as he said, “Gary, don’t be angry because of Nicole.Her grade is bad, and the exam is starting soon.She probably isn’t in a good mood right now.Whether or not she can even get a single digit in the exam is questionable.”

Gary glanced at Jack as he heard what he said.

He then walked toward his team.

He was angry at Nicole not because of her grade but her attitude.

‘Nicole shamelessly said she was well prepared for the exam when she didn’t even put in any effort.And she came late even though her grade was terrible.On the other hand, I reached here an hour earlier.I thought I could help her to bone up the exam if I met her”

‘Not only she isn’t good at math, but her attitude toward learning is also terrible.She definitely can’t get first place in the exam!’ Gary was surrounded by all the students when Nicole was talking to Ms.Emerson.

It was like Gary was their only hope.

“Gary, all the best for your exam! We’re counting on you!”

“Yeah, Nicole’s grade is so terrible.We know that you’re under a lot of stress.But we believe that you will win an award effortlessly.”

Gary’s face remained expressionless as he thought.

‘I can’t just win any award.Nicole’s bet was to get first place in the exam!’ The thought of Nicole scoring zero in the past Mathematical Olympiad exam and the bet between Nicole and Mr.Kennedy frustrated Gary.

He stared at Nicole coldly as he walked toward the exam hall.

Most of the students around Nicole looked at her with total contempt.

‘Nicole’s grade’s so terrible, and she still dared to reach here so late!’

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