My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 434

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 434

Raine felt not too happy when Mr.Kennedy called her back to his side.

After all, Ms.Thompson had assigned her to lead the focus classes, which were Class A of the eleventh and twelfth grades.

Noah was the class monitor of Class A of the eleventh grade, while Raine was the top student of the twelfth grade, so he was akin to having two trump cards in his hand and was confident of winning.

After Ms.Emerson enjoined precautions on Nicole, she finally let Nicole into the exam hall with confidence.

Vivian looked at Nicole with cold eyes and mockery on her face.

Mr.Kennedy came out of nowhere and let out a sarcastic smirk when he saw Nicole walk inside.

“Nicole, I’m curious how many points you can score: winning a first place or simply scoring zero.”

Hearing his voice, Nicole tilted her head and looked at Mr.Kennedy with a glint flashing in her eyes.

“Don’t forget what you promised.”

Mr.Kennedy’s bet with Nicole was that if he lost, he was going to apologize to Ms.Emerson and admit that he was not a s good as her in public.

Mr.Kennedy choked, not expecting Nicole to remember that, but a look of disdain quickly flashed across his face when he remembered that Nicole’s grades were poor and that Raine had said Nicole had never done revisions.

“Don’t bluff.If you can get the first place, you will apologize to her however you want.”

Nicole looked at his ugly face and thought hard for a few seconds.


Seeing Mr.Kennedy was infuriated because of her, Nicole turned and entered the examination hall with a straight face.

Mr.Kennedy was furious and had nowhere to vent his anger.

When he looked back, he saw Ms.Emerson was looking nervously at Nicole’s back.

He narrowed his eyes and walked over to Ms.Emerson with a sneer.

“Your student, Nicole, is so full of herself.I’m looking forward to seeing her results.”

Ms.Emerson glanced at Mr.Kennedy but said nothing.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Bradley, next to her, looked at Mr.Kennedy from behind and quietly uttered a “bah.”

Noah also followed her into the exam hall.

Seeing Nicole come in poised, he secretly asked Raine, “Didn’t you say she was your sister? Do you know how good she is? Was her zero-score last time just a joke?”

Raine watched as Gary kept a close eye on Nicole.She clutched the pen in her hand and raised her head proudly when she heard Noah’s question.

“She is as good as just that zero-score.I just didn’t expect that she would have the courage to walk into this examination hall.”

Her voice was full of contempt.

Noah felt a sense of relief at hearing what she said.He ignored Nicole and concentrated on memorizing the formulas he had just learned.His hands and feet felt numb as he thought of the upcoming exam.

Gary never eased up his furrowed brows as he looked at Nicole’s languid manner from behind.

He pressed his lips together tightly at the thought of the impending exam.

At last, a teacher whom he had never met before hurried into the exam hall with a stack of test paper, scanned his eyes around and instructed everyone to put away the things in their hands as the exam was about to start.

Seeing the students do what he said, he nodded, clearly pleased by their response, then distributed the test paper.

The exam time was two and a half hours, and students may submit their papers half an hour in advance.

Nicole casually scanned through the questions.

Because she rarely wrote by hand, she was not used to it and was a little slow at first.

After familiarizing herself with it, she slowly picked up the speed and wrote like a pro.

Two hours later, Nicole calmly got up and put the test paper on the desk of the teacher in the front row.

Raine, who was sitting behind, looked at Nicole and bit her lip bitterly.

The questions, many of which she had never seen before, were difficult beyond her imagination.

She had only finished less than half of them and was not sure how many she could answer correctly.

Seeing Nicole submit her test paper so quickly, she was filled with hatred, thinking that Nicole left so quickly because she could answer none of the questions.

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