My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 435

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 435

Raine felt better at the thought of this.

But she wasted too much time staring at and cursing Nicole; by the time she shifted her attention back to the test paper, there were only fifteen minutes left.

Raine checked her watch, and her face turned pale.

But the more nervous she was, the more she could not answer the questions.

She skimmed through the rest of the questions and found that she could answer none of them.

She suddenly sweated profusely, clutching the pen in her hand, and blamed it all on Nicole.

‘It’s all Nicole’s fault!’ Gary also looked up at Nicole, who was very focused when answering the questions.

He did not know if Nicole had answered all of them or just submitted a blank test paper, but he was sure that it should be the latter.

‘How could Nicole possibly have answered the difficult Math Olympiad questions that even I find extremely difficult? She must be sitting there too bored and wanting to get out”

Five minutes later, Gary got up and handed in his papers, his face unchanged, and no one could tell if he answered well or badly.

Noah, on the other hand, looked at those around him, handing in papers one by one, and was sweating profusely.

His hand holding the pen was wet with sweat.

Looking at his test paper, sweat seemed to trickle down endlessly, as if he could not wipe it off entirely.

Finally, the bell rang.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for their classmate to emerge from the exam hall.

Those from the Royal Creek Institute thought that it would be Gary or Raine who would come out first.

They were at the rear and could not see what was happening in front, so when they heard people whisper that the first girl who came out was beautiful, they subconsciously thought i t was Raine.

The Class-A students started to clap their hands and congratulate each other excitedly.

The earlier one came out, the quicker one had submitted the paper, and the more confident one was.

But it was also possible that one did not want to waste time sitting in the exam hall because they could answer any of the questions.

They thought Raine definitely belonged to the former.

The Class-B students looked at the Class-A students with envy if only Raine was from their class.

As pretty as Nicole was, she sucked academically.

Many of them clenched their fists, thinking of how Nicole looked down upon them yesterday.

But soon, the excited cries of Class A stopped.

The Class-B students were puzzled and looked up ahead.

What they saw surprised them.

The first girl who came out from the exam hall had a face as bright as the moon and snowy; she was none other than Nicole.

Nicole did not care what the Class-B students were thinking but sauntered up to Ms.


“How is it?” Ms.Emerson asked softly.

“It’s alright.Not too difficult.” Nicole said with anod.

Students from other schools walked past with their heads down behind her.

They all looked up at Nicole upon hearing what she said.

‘That’s so arrogant of her.”

The Class-B students thought they knew Nicole and did not take her seriously.

The thought Nicole must have even failed to understand the exam questions and was bored sitting in the exam hall, and that was why she was the first person who came out.

‘How could she be compared to Raine?’

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