My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 436

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 436

Vivian sneered upon hearing what Nicole said.

“Stop embarrassing yourself here.Everyone knows you scored zero on the Math Olympiad paper before.What’s the point of pretending here? By the time the exam results are out, we’ll know if you’re genuine or fake.” Ms.Emerson gently frowned at the cynical Vivian.

As she turned to look at Nicole, she saw Nicole give her a n it-is-okay look, so she pulled back her gaze.She wondered what was wrong with the class monitor lately.

It seemed that she deliberately targeted Nicole.

Nicole did not care.

Meanwhile, Lulu handed her a glass of water, and Nicole tooka sip, smiled faintly at Lulu, and said, “Thank you.”

Lulu shook her head and winked at Nicole, then imitated Vivian’s disdainful expression and made a grimace.

Both Bradley and Nicole were amused.

Vivian saw what Lulu was doing and stood up abruptly.

“What the hell are you doing, Lulu?”

Lulu quickly did away with her expression and looked back at Vivian with a blank look on her face.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Vivian was so angry that she could not find a word to respond.

She pointed at Lulu, wanting to scold her when out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Gary come toward them from afar.She quickly lowered her hand and glared at Lulu and Nicole.

“I’ll deal with you all later.”

Jack and Wayne also saw Gary and rushed up to meet him.

Looking at Gary’s expression, they carefully asked, “How was the exam?”

Gary looked calm.

He glanced at Nicole, who was talking with Lulu not far away and said, “It’s alright.But this year’s exam is difficult.I can’t guarantee that I will get first place.”

He had come prepared, but the test questions were too difficult.

Even though he had done his best, he was still not too confident in himself.

There was a major question at the end of the test, in which he felt something was wrong with his calculation steps as if he did not come to the right answer.

He also did not know how others were doing.

Wayne saw this and comforted him.

“You don’t have t o worry, Gary.When Nicole thought it was simple and you even more so.”

Gary frowned.

“Did you say Nicole thinks the questions are simple?”

“Nicole didn’t say it was simple; she just thought it wasn’t difficult.”

Jack chimed in to explain.

Gary frowned even more upon hearing what Jack said.

‘I swear that this is the hardest of all the competitions I have taken part in at home and abroad.Yet Nicole thought it wasn’t difficult? Is she ignorant, or did she really think that this competition is simple?’ He quickly dismissed the latter and looked coldly at Nicole from behind with disappointment in his eyes.

‘Things have come to such a pass, yet Nicole can still keep up appearances.I’m curious how she will soft – pedal the thing when the results are out.She really dares to say anything for the sake of her ego”

Many of those behind Gary, hearing his evaluation of the exam, looked at Nicole with a strong sense of disdain in their eyes.

‘It’s game over for Nicole, yet she still wants to pretend.”

‘How many questions could she answer when even Gary found them difficult? She probably couldn’t answer even one”

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