My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 437

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 437

Vivian came close to Gary, feeling triumphant, and asked him about the competition when she heard people badmouthed Nicole.

Gary looked coldly at the girl and just responded perfunctorily before leaving.

Nicole talked to Lulu and others for a while and then told Ms.Emerson that she was leaving.

Since all the candidates from her class had come out o f the exam hall, Ms.Emerson agreed with a smile and told everyone to disperse and go back to rest.

Seeing that Nicole and Gary from Class B had come back while his two candidates were still nowhere to be seen, Mr.Kennedy’s face turned grave.He clenched his fists and looked at the crowd in front of him, waiting with some anxiety.

It was not until almost all the candidates had left that Raine and Noah came out.

Both of them looked pale.

Mr.Kennedy did not need t o ask them to know that they must have done terribly, but he still] hoped for the best.

“How’s the test?” he asked.

Raine glanced at Mr.Kennedy.She had tried her best, but there were still many questions that she could not solve.

But thinking that almost everyone had the same problem as her, Raine gritted her teeth and said, “Not too good.But I noticed that no one could answer all the questions.Even Gary couldn’t finish the last question.”

Noah looked down spiritlessly at the back.

He had not observed as carefully as Raine did, but he could sense that everyone was not doing well.

Mr.Kennedy looked at the two students whom he held in high regard with disappointment in his eyes.

But he said nothing when he heard what Raine said.

He suddenly frowned when the thought of what he saw just now came to mind.

“Nicole was the first to come out of the exam hall.Do you know how she is doing?”

Raine exchanged a look with Noah, with her eyes glinting.

“She submitted the paper half an hour in advance.I guess she couldn’t even read the questions clearly!”

Mr.Kennedy’s face looked much better upon hearing what Raine said.

Since most Class-B students had left, he motioned everyone to disperse.

He then thought for a moment and walked over to a male student from Class-B, who was still there, and asked, ”How is Nicole doing in the exam?”

The boy was the one who laughed at Mrs.Wallace Sr’s attire earlier.He was startled when he heard a voice asking him a question from behind.He looked back.

When he saw it was Mr.Kennedy, he responded with respect.

“Are you talking about Nicole?”

As Mr.Kennedy nodded, the boy smirked and said in a disdainful voice, What Nicole said was wishful make- believe.

Gary has said that the questions are difficult, and he has no confidence, yet Nicole said it was simple.

“Do you believe her?”

He found Nicole’s words amusing, not expecting Nicole to be so loudmouthed.

The thought of Nicole saying that she could score first convinced Mr.Kennedy even more that Nicole was bluffing.

‘Can anyone believe the words of a person full of lies?’ Mr.Kennedy felt a sense of relief.

He looked at the boy and nodded proudly at him before he left.

The boy looked puzzled, wondering why Mr.Kennedy asked about Nicole.

But he quickly figured that presumably, Mr.Kennedy was afraid that Nicole would win.

He was also a student of Class B, looking forward to Ms.Emerson beating Mr.Kennedy.

But Nicole had gone overboard with her brag, and no one would believe that she could get a good result, so it seemed that they could only count on Gary.

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