My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 438

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 438

While Nicole was sitting for the exam, Preston was eager to go take a look.

But he was tied up with work at the office, and so he could only go to Edwin.

He swiped the access card to go to the top floor, where Edwin and Rowan were right in front of the server.

Looking at the restored interface, the mixed-race doctor looked pleased.

“Not half bad at all.This is much earlier than you have told me.”

What they had told him before were five days.He did not expect that they could stop the intrusion in three.

Not only that, they had even launched a counterattack.

Edwin looked calm and did not dare to say that he was stupid, not even seeing the hidden attack methods of the attacker.

Had they only been able to stop the attack five days later, probably nothing would be left i n the database by now? Warbler secretly gritted her teeth as she also heard what Rowan said.She could not stop thinking about what that girl said that day, which sounded so ambiguous.

But she kept a straight face, just like on normal days.

‘Is that girl really Lucifer?’ Rowan looked at the data transmission progress on the screen.

There had been a minor miscalculation during the process, but the other side had shown its professional problem-solving ability, perfectly resolving the bugs that almost caused the transaction to abort.

A faint hint of suspicion appeared on the handsome face of the mixed-race doctor as he thought of the other guy looking helpless against the hacker the other day, but now things had been solved entirely.

He said politely to Edwin, “I have already transferred the money to your account.Check your account in a moment.Please excuse me if you find this intrusive.Could you tell me who has such a badass ability to help you solve this problem?”

Edwin hesitated and said nothing.

Preston had come over and had just heard Rowan’s question.

Nicole’s advice that day came to mind, andh e said, “No comment.”

Rowan frowned as he looked at Preston.

Rowan had a bad temper, but since this was not his laboratory and Preston did not want to tell, he was not going to force him but just nodded his head with a stony face.

Edwin was well aware of how generous Rowan was.

He gave Preston a look, telling him not to offend this big client and that he should be more polite even if he did not want to tell.

Thinking of this, Edwin smiled at Rowan and said in a gentle voice, “That guy is not from our company, but someone kind to help us.We don’t know her true identity.”

At this point, Preston raised an eyebrow and looked at Edwin, then echoed what he said.

“Yeah, we don’t know her.”

Edwin could tell the ridicule in his voice, but his expression remained unchanged.He looked at Rowan with a sincere face as if what he said was true.

Rowan looked at him suspiciously.

He was quite proficient in Hustuaburgian, and so he could tell the unnatural tone of Preston’s voice, but he did not give i t a second thought.He nodded, grudgingly believing what Edwin said.

Then he took out his phone and whispered something into it, then left without looking back.

Preston gave Edwin a look, asking why he was not sending his big client back.

Edwin shrugged at him and pointed his finger upwards.

Not that he did not want to send the client back, but the client had a helicopter picking him up, and he was not needed.

Preston looked at Rowan with surprise.

Rowan also looked at him with a strange look in his eyes.

As he finished talking on the phone, he looked up and down at Preston, and asked curiously, “You’re a foreigner, too?”

He did not look like one, but judging by how quiet he was and the strangeness of his tone of voice, he seemed like when he first came to Hustuaburg.

Edwin glanced at Preston, and his expression froze for a moment.

He then smiled and said, “He’s not a foreigner; he just likes to be funny.”

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