My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 439

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 439

Chapter 439 

Rowan squinted at Preston twice before turning and walking toward the rooftop.

“He doesn’t talk much and just lets others explain for him; isn’t he a foreigner? Could he be a Mecrounian spy? Why does he look familiar to me?”

He muttered t o himself as he went.

When Owen met Rowan, he was wearing a black coat, and his handsome face looked as if he was deep in thought.

Seeing Owen come over, Rowan looked at him scrutinizingly and then asked coldly, “Why do all Hustuaburgians look alike?”

Owen thought for two seconds and then looked at Rowan with a sincere face and said, “To be honest, all Eperonians also look alike to us.”

Rowan looked at him for two seconds to make sure he was not lying to him and then slowly boarded the helicopter.

Hearing the noisy chopping noise above his head finally fade into the distance, Edwin took out his phone and quickly checked his account, looking at the balance, and smiled with relief.

He then transferred half of the money to Zeke.He remarked the transfer was a one-off mission reward.

Preston felt bored and looked out at the scenery outside, quietly observed everyone’s expressions through the glass, then said to Edwin, “Let’s get something to eat.”

Edwin followed him out without looking up.

Warbler watched the back of the two of them walking into the elevator and then lowered her eyes, expressionless.

She walked over to the server, reached out her fingers tentatively, and quietly typed a few letters.

As if she had triggered some kind of violent reaction, the screen started to turn strangely blue and run rife with activities as lines of code were constantly replicated.

On the other end, because the code had vanished, White looked surprised and then ecstatic at the data that was being transmitted to his terminal.

He quickly restored his computer with the help of the other party.

But halfway through the recovery process, the person at the other end seemed to have encountered some problem and was forced to stop.

Warbler looked at the sick but vital code that was out o f her control and suddenly scrambled to unplug all the power cables of the server as if the letters on the screen electrified him.

‘What is going on?’ She looked at her hands with a hint of internal struggle in her eyes.

‘Do I really want t o expose all this to the enemy?’

 Just then, the voices of Preston and Edwin were heard from behind her as they had finished their meals and were now returning to work on the top floor as usual.

Seeing Warbler rooted to the stop with a nervous look that she had not managed to hide on her face, Preston raised an eyebrow and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Warbler looked at them, not panicking as she quickly adjusted her expression.

She drew the loose hair to the back of her ear and appeared embarrassed.

“I just want to see how the firewall that the guy has set up before is working,”she said with her head lowered and a glint of jealousy in her eyes.

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