My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 440

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 440

Nicole’s firewall was so advanced that she was struggling to understand it, let alone get started with daily maintenance.

‘Did she mean to trip me up?’ Warbler asked in her mind.

Preston watched her expression with interest and then exchanged a glance with Edwin with a smile.

“Don’t work too hard,” he said, stepping forward and looking at Warbler’s fairly pretty face with a shallow look of concern.

“You must have not gotten enough rest lately.Go home and get some rest.Wrinkles and dark circles are starting to pop up on our faces now.”

Preston patted her on the shoulder meaningfully and then sighed and said, “I’m really touched to see my staff work so hard.”

Edwin coughed softly as he looked at Warbler’s angry face.

“Go home and take a rest, Warbler.The crisis has been diffused.You don’t have to watch here day and night.”

Warbler did not really want to leave, but she thought about what Preston had just said and subconsciously wanted to find a mirror to look at her face.She was only twenty-four and did not want to look older than her age.

With this thought in mind, she could not care less about what she had not done.She nodded at Edwin and walked out, quickly leaving the top floor.

Preston looked at her from behind, and the smile in his eyes faded, replaced by a faint sense of detachment.

Edwin stepped forward, saw the disconnected power cables on the server, and sighed softly.

“I didn’t expect Warbler to become the person I was most worried about.She used to be dependable.”

Preston looked back at the rebooted Jogoo and then stepped forward and typed lightly on the keyboard.

Soon, he saw signs that some kind of protective mechanism had been activated.He smirked and restored the intercepted signal in a way as if he had done this for the hundredth time.

“Who knows?”

The sun was shining brightly outside.

Snow was at home doing revision, but she had been feeling not well lately and had lost ten pounds of weight.She had been on a slimming program all this while, forcing herself to go hungry.

Now, after losing ten pounds, she looked like a skeleton.

It looked as if she would snap at the blow of the wind.

Maybe someone would say that her body was perfect.

Snow held a pen in her hand, her eyes looking at the questions, but her mind was elsewhere.

Ever since she lost the diamond, she could not sleep, especially after Harvey said that she could only talk to him again when she got the diamond back.

Now, she had only one thing in her mind, which was to get the diamond back from Nicole.

‘That brat got a large diamond from some man, yet she still stole mine!’ Snow clutched the pen angrily, kneading her fingers constantly as if she had fallen into a state of anxiety.

She could barely feel at ease only when the thought of what she had said to Karen and the assurances Karen had given her came to mind.

As tight-lipped as Nicole was, she had ten thousand ways to make her talk.

While she was thinking about this, the mobile phone in her bag suddenly rang.

She took it out with irritation, impatiently wanting to hang up.

But when she saw the caller ID, she almost jumped for joy.

‘I can’t believe that Harvey calls me!’ She answered the phone in disbelief, her eyes starting to well up at hearing the gentle voice that she had not heard for a long time.

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