My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 442

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 442

He looked at the other products in front of him that sold relatively well.

Even the mechanical production line that Johnston Group was most proud of had been dragged down.

Harvey’s expression remained unchanged.

Since he had the courage to turn back the focus of the Johnston Group, he was not worried about the obstacles he was about to face.

Students had dispersed when they returned to the highschool of the Royal Creek Institute.

Nicole was walking slowly toward the door while Lulu was jumping up and down and talking to her, and Bradley occasionally bickered with her.

Coming to the gate of the Royal Creek Institute, Nicole checked her watch and then turned to walk toward the café.

“Are you two going with me?”

Lulu shook her head.

The monthly exam was the day after tomorrow, and she had not done her revision yet.

Bradley scratched his head when seeing that Lulu was not going.

“I’m going back to the dormitory.So both of us are together.”

Nicole glanced at the two of them and said nothing but just nodded her head gently.She walked toward the café with a thoughtful look on her face.

The phone in her pocket vibrated.

Nicole took it out; it was a message from Preston, which said that he had identified a key target and also asked her how she was doing in the exam.

Nicole quickly replied to the message, asking him to keep an eye on the target, as she expected there would be another attack soon.

They did not have to interrupt it because she would be on the trail to find the target’s location.

About the exam, Nicole replied, [It’s okay.] She then put her phone in her bag and stepped into the café.

Claus was making coffee inside.

When he saw Nicole come in, he quickly stopped what he was doing and greeted her.

Nicole ignored him and went straight to sit down at a table.

Claus quickly came over and asked her in a curious tone of voice, “How is your exam?”

“It’s alright.”

Nicole glanced at him casually, with no expression on his face.

‘Why did everyone come and ask her this question?”

She subconsciously looked past Claus but did not see anyone else.She hesitated for a second before pulling back her gaze.

Claus’s keen eye quickly captured her reaction and knew who she was looking for.

He thoughtfully said, “Jared is on the phone upstairs and will come down quickly.”

After saying that, he flirtingly touched Nicole’s hair and said equivocally, “Don’t worry.”

Nicole shot Claus a glance and had no words.

After getting acquainted with her, Claus was getting bolder and bolder.She wondered what made him think she was worried.She ignored Claus, looked down at the textbook in her hand, and casually flipped through it, looking relaxed.

‘She really doesn’t seem to be worried”

Claus touched his nose and felt that he had made a blunder.

Just as he was about to say something, Jared’s voice came from behind him.

“You’re here!”

Seeing Nicole’s eyes lit up instantly, Claus shook his head helplessly and got back to his work.He felt like h e was just embarrassing himself.

Nicole looked at Jared, who was walking toward her with a faint smile on his handsome face.

Her expression softened down without her knowing a s Jared sat down across from her.

He looked at the opened book in front of her and raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Are you doing revision here?”

Nicole put the book away expressionlessly and then gazed at his good-looking face with a meaningful look on her face.

Jared also looked at her, but she said nothing.So he walked over to the bar counter.

“What drink would you like?”

“Is Rowan working for you?”

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