My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 443

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 443

The two asked in unison.

Jared did not look back as he walked toward the bar counter.

There was no change in his facial expression, even when he heard her ask the question.He knew Nicole was too smart to hide it from her.

Nicole watched as Jared turned around, his eyes brighter than the starlight but deeper than the darkness of night.

He nodded his head in confirmation and then asked calmly, “Now it’s time for you to answer my question.

Jared looked at Nicole, raised an eyebrow, and asked with a smile, “What would you like to drink?”

Nicole looked at his face, and her suspicion went away.

Since he was so honest, she figured she did not have to pursue the question further, as Zeke’s presence must have exposed her identity.

Nicole sat there, tapped the table lightly with her hand, and then replied faintly, “Caramel macchiato.”

She felt cheated.

‘I thought he was just the owner of JJ Johnston Group? Now it seems he has a finger in Rowan’s lab”

Jared looked at her expression and was amused, as he knew what she was thinking.

He quickly poured the caramel into the coffee, brought it to Nicole, and looked at her.

“That’s just an investment for JJ Johnston.”

He funded their research, and they handed over the results of their experiments to him.

Nicole glanced at him, took a sip of the coffee, and gave a compliment.

“It’s delicious.” She sipped the coffee slowly.

As if thinking of something, she glanced at Jared again.

“Rowan is not the kind of person who will work for money. How on earth did you persuade him?”

Jared sat across from her and looked at her calm face with a playful smile but said nothing.

So Nicole did not pursue the question further.

Jared looked at her.

It was hard to see any kind of melancholic expression on her face but more of indifference.

‘She is beautiful”

“How’s your grandmother doing? I was in a hurry to g o back the other day and didn’t manage to spend more time with her.”

He did not expect Nicole to stare at him for a long time after hearing what he said, as if he was some rare creature.He could see the suspicion in her eyes.

She asked sincerely and bluntly, “My grandma likes you a lot.How did you do that?”

Nicole remembered that since she was a child, her grandmother had been smiling at everyone, but that did not mean that she liked them.

So Mrs.Wallace Sr’s high opinion of Jared had surprised Nicole.

Jared looked at her with his eyes upturned as if he was very proud of it.

“It’s a secret,” he said.

Nicole’s hand holding the coffee cup froze for a second.

She looked at the man expressionlessly, who seemed to be very happy.

Seeing his eyes squint after he had teased her successfully, a faint smile spread across her face.She could not help it but would have to bear with it.

After all, her grandmother had taken a liking to him.

“I haven’t seen Max for a while.Where is he?” Nicole asked in a low voice.

Jared looked at her and smiled.

”He’s been busy lately.


Nicole did not ask further, and she did not know that Max was helping her tie up any loose ends.

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