My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 444

My Wife is a Hacker, Chapter 444

 At this moment, Max was looking at the somewhat dark room in front of him and frowned in displeasure.

He hated such a dirty environment and those inferior t o the most inferior bugs.He glanced with disgust at Solomon and then quickly walked outside, asking Officer Freeman as he went, “Will he be convicted?”

Officer Freeman was just as disgusted as Max was.

He handed Max the arrest warrant issued by the court and said, “He will be convicted, but he seems to have people with some background behind him.I’m afraid that he will find a good lawyer to help him get away with it.”

Max heard this and sneered, but he said nothing.

The two walked together to the door of the police station when they heard noises of someone shouting outside.

“My son is not guilty! You better hurry up and release him.Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Mr.Wyance is my brother-in-law! Let Solomon go, and I will give you a clean death!”

Max heard the voice and frowned.He turned to look a t Officer Freeman and asked in a whisper what was going on.

Officer Freeman spread his hands helplessly.

“Like I said, Solomon’s mother is a relative of Mr.Wyance, who had a close relationship with the powers that be.She has been making a scene here every day, and we can do nothing about her.”

Max nodded thoughtfully upon hearing what the officer said.

As he continued to walk forward, he saw a beautiful woman in the front hall.

She looked full of pride and got more and more brazen-faced as no one wanted to be seen bullying a woman.

Marie froze when she got a call from the police this morning.

Just yesterday, she was still praising his son in front of Sebastian, talking about how promising her son was and how eager his son wanted to become a person like Mr.Wyance.

The call that she received this morning was a bombshell.She rushed over before she could talk to Mr.Wyance.

All she could think of was to get her son out lest he would suffer in the police cell.

Her brother-in-law had always liked Solomon, so she thought he would not abandon Solomon.

Thinking of this, Marie got even more confident.

She looked at the officers with a limited-edition Louis Vuitton handbag she had just bought in her hand.

“I’m going to go in and take my son out now.Stop me if you dare!” she said.

She walked inside with her head held high.

Instead of her son committing a crime, it looked more like she was here to collect rent from her tenant.She swaggered in with her nose pointing skyward.

Marie knew very well that as long as she dropped Mr.Wyance’s name, almost no one in San Joto could defy her.She had done this countless times, and it worked every time.So she thought this time was no exception.

“Solomon! Solomon! Where are you? I’m coming to get you out!” she shouted while striding in with great pride, Many people were angry at her behavior but dared not say a word.

No one knew if what she said was true.

They did not want to take the risk of offending her only to find that she was really a family member of Mr.Wyance.

Solomon was in a cell not far away.

He was sitting on the floor, holding his head with both hands, banging his head against the wall, his clothes tattered from his own doing.

When he heard his mother’s call, he quickly got to his feet, anxiously grabbing the cell bars that locked him in, and called out toward his mother’s voice, “Mom! I’m here! Help me!”

Marie heard her son’s hoarse voice and cried out in pain.

“Stop calling, Solomon.I will come to you right away.”

She glared at the few police officers guarding the cells.You all are abusing innocent people.I’m going t o sue you all!”

With that, she ran toward where her son’s voice came from without hesitation.

“Solomon, I’m here!”

Solomon slammed the iron railing desperately, his body stained with blood, scratches, and bite marks.

Marie saw that and was distressed.

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