Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308

Wealthy and suave, Vinson was the subject of adulation to legions of fangirls on the internet. When they saw the post which posited that Arielle was Vinson’s secret wife, it got them all in an uproar. 

Boohoo. Darling, no… 

This is a complete fabrication! My darling isn’t like that! 

Although Arielle’s pretty impressive, she doesn’t come from a stellar background. As an illegitimate child who doesn’t even know who her own biological father is, how could she be good enough for Mr. Nightshire? 

Right on. The claims made by this post must be untrue. 

Mr. Nightshire is the CEO of Nightshire Group, so don’t think that you can be with him by just having a pretty face. 

You’re right. Someone must have made this up to have it go viral. 

Though no celebrity himself, Vinson nonetheless boasted of countless fangirls of his own. That led to that screencap spreading from one chat group to another. Coincidentally, there were some of Arielle’s fans who also liked Vinson. Thus, that piece of information swiftly found its way into their circle. 

Leave Arielle out of this. 

Mr. Nightshire’s great, but our goddess isn’t half bad herself. So please focus on your career, my goddess, and kick that man to the curb. 

This can’t be true. Our goddess can’t be married, so don’t believe this rumor and stop spreading it. 

The situation kept escalating. 

Fans in both camps could scarcely believe that the two were together. While they collectively worked to quash the rumors, they also went hard at each other. 

That night was not destined for peace, and the bust-up between the two groups of fans soon gained traction in the mainstream. 

During that time, most of the staff were asleep, so there was no one who could have been clued in on this mishap. 

It was already the following morning by the time they caught on, and the second they got wind of it, they swiftly followed up with damage control. 

In spite of the flurry of countermeasures undertaken, it did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the observers who went on to discuss it within their own closed communities. 

Fast forward to the second day, as Arielle’s filming had yet to be completed, she took leave of Susanne and Vinson right after breakfast. 

Since she had taken on this project, she decided that she had to put in her best for it. 

In Sasha’s company, Arielle arrived at the shooting location. 

“Oh, Arielle’s here,” whispered one member of the crew who nudged at the person beside her when she saw Arielle and Sasha alight from the car and approach. 

The person next to her appeared to be quite amused. “So what? It’s not like she hasn’t been here before, so why are you acting like you’re seeing her for the first time?” 

“Don’t you know?” The crew member regarded the person beside her in astonishment. 

“What about?” Her friend was puzzled. As she was with Arielle all the time, she wondered if there was anything else she could have missed. 

When the crew member saw that her pal was genuinely clueless, she thought about the latter’s aversion to surfing the web. Then, it became clear to her why the latter was uninformed. Thus, she promptly proceeded to expound, “Word has been going around on the internet that Arielle and Mr. Nightshire are married.” 

At this point, she saw her friend’s eyes widen like a saucer. “That’s the same Vinson Nightshire you’re obsessed with, and it’s all over the internet. But someone else also said that Mr. Nightshire has a mistress and brought her home, so it all sounds pretty far-fetched to me.” 

While that crew member was sharing the information she had gathered with her friend, the other ones somewhere else had also seen the news that was trending online. Reflecting on how Vinson helped Arielle deal with Annabelle that day, all of them became quietly confident that, more likely than not, there had to be some truth to the former two being an item. 

In consideration of how protective Vinson was of Arielle, they found cause to firmly dismiss the reports of Vinson’s infidelity, as fabrications.

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