Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 

If that were true, Arielle could not possibly have shown up so spiritedly on set for filming. It must be said that they got it all figured out. 

“It’s your turn to get your makeup done, Ms. Moore.” Upon the sight of Arielle entering the dressing room, the makeup artist’s tone reflexively became more reverent. 

I can’t afford to offend the young mistress of the Nightshire Group because if I did, I’d probably never be able to work in this industry again. 

Arielle did not have much to say in response to the makeup artist’s demeanor. Having already seen what was trending this morning and also observed for herself how netizens felt about her and Vinson being together, she did not take any of it personally. 

Though Vinson was an outstanding individual, she was no slouch herself. She felt that she had accomplished enough to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him before the rest of the world. 

After she had her makeup done, Arielle made her way out. There was still half an hour before she was due to perform her scene with Jason. Speaking of Jason, she was reminded of his declaration of affection toward her, and that instantly gave her a headache and made her somewhat regretful about getting herself involved in this production. But I’ve agreed to it, so it wouldn’t do to try to back out now. 


Speaking of the devil, the minute Jason saw Arielle seated there alone, he immediately went over to her. 


“I’m really sorry about what happened the last time,” said Jason in earnest as he regarded Arielle. He was thoroughly embarrassed about ditching her by the side of the road. Even though it was inside a busy district, his actions had been shamefully ungentlemanly, 

It did not take Arielle very long to figure out which previous incident he was referring to. 

Since it was all in the past and Jason had already apologized for it, she thought it was not that big of a deal. 

Besides, we hardly know each other and cannot even be considered friends. He was already kind enough to drop me off in the city where I would at least be able to find my way home. Even if she was sent back by Cornelius in the end, she did not feel that Jason was in the wrong. 

“It’s a trivial matter that’s not worth apologizing for. I’ve already long forgotten about it, and so should you.” said Arielle as she waved her hand casually. 

The timing of her smile coincided with the direct illumination of the sun. Her bangs, gently ruffled by the incoming breeze, were then swept away from her forehead with tremendous grace. Alas, what a picture of beauty 

That got Jason’s heart thumping wildly against his chest. 

“I’ve seen the trending news, Arielle, about Vinson’s infidelity. All the netizens found out about it as well. As you may know, I’m very serious about you, and if you would just give me a chance, I’d promise to treat you right” Jason regarded Arielle intently and professed his feelings for her once more. 

Arielle’s a great woman who shouldn’t be with a man like Vinson Nightshire. He’s simply not deserving of her. 

“We’ve been through this more than once before, Jason. Vinson and I have a good thing going. We love each other very much, and there’s no one who can tear us apart. You’re a celebrity yourself, so surely you must know that those things written on the internet are nothing more than click-bait.” 

“Are you so blinded by your infatuation with Vinson? He has obviously cheated on you, so why are you still 

trying to defend him? What exactly is it that you see in him?” 

Jason’s eyes almost reddened with rage. How is it that you can’t see that my feelings for you are true? Why do you insist on sticking up for that guy?

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